Saturday, October 01, 2011

My Girls

Me: Alex, your screen time is up for the day
Alex: Ugh. Well that is so boring. I can't even look out the windows.
Me: Why??
Alex: Uh....screens mom.

Avery: MOM! WHE O YU?? (where are you?)
Me: In the bathroom Avery.
Avery, banging on the door: IS LOCKT!! I MISS YU! (it's locked! I miss you!)

Avery, banging on the bathroom door: MOM! YU TATIN A BATCH? IS LOCKT! YU AW DUN?? (mom! You taking a bath? It's locked. You all done?)


Tiffany said...

Haha, classic Alex :) and when did Avery all the sudden start talking like a grown-up!? Can't wait to see your kids next month. And can't wait to see YOU this month!!!

Faye said...

Alex's screen time comment will go down as a classic!

Shellie said...

So cute! Seriously though, when did Avery start talking??!! Holy cow.

John said...

Reading quotes from my grandkids makes me miss them more than seeing pictures. Thanks for the post Sum....I sure miss and love those kids.