Saturday, October 22, 2011

I went here:

I went with my husband, who went for a conference.
He was pretty busy during the day but we got to do:
a 6 hour road trip, both ways - one way included a stop at the outlets (I scored)
dinner together every evening (so good)
Second City (hilarious)
and a lazy Sunday together (much needed).

And anyways, my sister Tiffany lives in Chicago which only made the trip even better.
We spent 2 entire days together WITHOUT. ANY. KIDS. It's only been like, ooooohhh, 5 years or so since we've been together without kids.
Saying it was awesome is like the understatement of the year. It makes me happy just thinking about it.
So we:
saw a movie (Footloose, which, embarrassingly, was so much fun).
And that pretty much covers it.
That and talking talking talking and laughing till we cried and wondering how the time was going by so fast.

Thank you thank you Tiffany - for clearing your schedule to spend so much time with me, making arrangements for Madden, and hosting us on Sunday.

I did of course get to see my nephew Madden on Sunday and Monday - he was as cute, funny, and easy going as I remembered.

I also got to do some very important things like:
sleep uninterrupted every night
Wake up when I felt like it
Take my time getting ready
Wear cute clothes
and read a book while soaking in the bath in the middle of the afternoon.

And I can't talk about the trip without talking about the food. My favorites of the trip:
Seafood Salad
Lobster Bisque
Bread Pudding Pancakes
Sprinkles Cupcake
White Chocolate Salted Caramel Pretzel Pancakes (those alone might have been worth the drive)

Best. Trip. Ever.
Or at least what I needed most right now.

All while my children were in the capable hands of my mother-in-law, who so kindly offered to come out and stay with them.
They had the time of their lives and were pretty heartbroken (as in sobbing) when she had to leave.
We can't thank you enough Lezli!

Paul - thanks for doing a research project, presenting a poster, and giving a talk at the conference so we could go on this lovely trip : )

And. As lovely as it was, it's always lovely to come home to my 3 kids. My real life here with them is pretty good.


Tiffany said...

I'm still sad I missed out on the lobster bisque...I told Randy all about it and now we both want to go to Gibsons. So could you tell Paul to come back out for another conference so we can just charge it on his Mayo card? ;)
Thanks so much for coming out!!!! It was SO much fun! And thanks for going to see Footloose with me, even though you weren't as excited to see it as I was but then you ended up secretly loving it even more than me in the end ;)

Ginger said...

Glad you had fun-- my mom had so much fun watching your kids while you were gone! And she even made it home in time for Gwenyth's arrival:) Fun pics! Sounds heavenly! I need a trip to Chicago!

Faye said...

Sounds like the perfect trip - you deserved a kid-free get-away. Glad it all went so great :)

Sarah said...

That picture of you and Tiffany is so cute. Getting to dress up cute and having the time to get ready? So fun! :) It looks like such an amazing trip. I am so glad you guys could get away together!

Also, I am excited to go see Footloose. And I will probably leave the theatre wondering why I didn't devote my life to dance just like I do after every season of SYTYCD. I love it :)