Thursday, January 10, 2008

From the mouth of Noah

"Mom, remember when Alex broke that bunny at Grandma's house? I didn't see that coming!"
(Note: it was not a real bunny)

"Mom, this show weirds me out."

Noah is always coming up with funny sayings like these and when you ask him where he learned it he always replies, "I just knowed it."

Noah and Alex have been playing together more and more and sometimes Noah takes on a very protective role. The other day Alex got hurt and Paul was coming over to help when Noah blocked his path, arms and legs outstretched, and said, "No Dad, I will take care of this." Alex, who stopped crying long enough to listen to this interaction responded with, "Want Nuh-nuh" (interpretation: Noah). Noah proceeded to kiss her owie all better and the two hopped up and started playing happily.
Later that day, Alex spilled her milk on the kitchen floor. (Which, by the way, has been happening about 25 thousand times a day because she refuses to drink out of a sippy cup - gotta be like big brother. I'm about ready to give Noah his sippy cups again!) I was about to clean it up when Noah, blocking the doorway again, repeated his earlier statement, "No Mom, I will take care of this." Well, that was just fine by me!

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LEX said...

Lydia likes to help, but I wish she'd clean up Kastyn's spills! Way to go Summer!