Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

I know, I know...the New Year came and went weeks ago.  I made these resolutions weeks ago too, but haven't gotten around to posting them yet.  I'm hoping that blogging/journaling about them will help me to keep them.  I'm not usually very good at this - at least after the first few weeks have gone by.  So I guess you could say that keeping my new year's resolutions is my first new year's resolution : )  

With all the changes,  all the unknown, and the challenges that lie in my families near future I felt like this was an important time for me to make some personal changes.

I want to live in the moment.  Not look back and long for the past (which always looks simpler) or look forward and wish for the future (which you always think will be better).  I want to ENJOY the moment.  This is a wonderful time of life.  I have 2 kids who are old enough to talk, laugh, and play with me everyday, but also young enough to be home with me, need me, want me, snuggle me.  What a blessing (and yes, a challenge) to be their mother.  I have a husband who always makes time for us, takes care of us, and is a strong support and example to me.  We have a cozy little apartment and great friends here in Cleveland, where Paul has gotten a wonderful education and training. 

I want to be happy with what I have.  It's easy to want more.  More car, more house, more vacations, more clothes, more toys.  But I have had many reminders lately of how much I already have.  All my needs and many of my wants are taken care of.  I live a very comfortable life.  I want to worry/care/think less about material things.  They don't make you happy.  

I am grateful for this time in my life and for all that I have.  And I plan to enjoy it and appreciate it.



Carrie Anne said...

Those are awesome resolutions...way better than the typical "work out more, eat less food" blah blah blah! I think you are already really good at enjoying the moment, but it's such a good reminder for me who is counting down the days until we leave Utah...begging/pleading with the Lord to take me away!:) Seriously, though, Cleveland is such a treasure with the opportunities, but it sounds like wherever your possibilities are, you'll have a blast! It's true, too, to really enjoy the kids now, when they are so young, because they grow up so fast, and my oldest is only 5 but sportin' the teenager attitudes!:) You're so cool, Summer!

Sarah said...

I love your resolutions. Those are things that I really want to be better at as well. My New Year's resolutions are seeming really superficial and selfish now!! ;)