Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Too many questions

Noah:  Mom, where do eggs come from?

Me:  From chickens.  

Noah:  But how do we get them to give the eggs to us?

I explained about chickens living on farms, laying eggs in their nests, and the farmers coming to collect the eggs.  

Noah:  The eggs come out their bums?

sidenote:  My sister Michelle is way pregnant and Noah kept asking her (and me) how her baby is going to get out.  My usual response, "The doctor helps the baby get out" doesn't seem to be cutting it anymore.  Isn't he still WAY too young for this conversation?!?


Michele and John said...

I love how when he was asking me how my baby got in my tummy, and how he would get out, you sat in the backround with no response! Like it is up to me to have that conversation with your 4 year old! Ha ha. What a curious little boy you have.

Sarah said...

The doctor getting it out or you go to the hospital and they get it out don't cut it? Oh dear. He is definitely one curious little boy - good luck with that ;)

Randy and Tiffany said...

LOL! That is funny! Just wait til he learns to read...he's still gonna be so curious and he's gonna go snooping in all his dad's medical/doctor books and he's gonna find out the truth about how the "doctor helps the baby come out!" : )

Carrie Anne said...

Oh the endless questions, huh?:) I still get nervous about explaining that stuff to Rebecca! One night I had to explain how she was C-sectioned and I got cut open to get her out, but with Brother I pushed him out. TMI! TOO MUCH INFORMATION!:) I can't handle those talks yet...call me immature or whatever, but they are so young still! Hilarious!:)