Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Re-Cap Part 3: Palmyra

Ok.  I always post way too many pictures.  I know.  (Explanation: I can't make decisions.  I think I'm getting worse, not better.  Now I can't even decide what pictures to post on my blog -  so I post them all (almost).  Pathetic.  So for me, more pictures is actually more efficient.  I don't waste way too much time trying to decide which to post and which to eliminate.)

The day after graduation we took a road trip to Palmyra with Paul's parents.  The kids loved running through the Sacred Grove - and not very reverently.  Luckily there were not too many other people there, due to MORE bad weather.

Alex always had her blanky in one hand and a flower in the other.
On the steps of the Hill Cumorah Visitors Center
The Hill Cumorah Monument with Grandma and Grandpa.  
Paul told Noah that it was Angel Moroni on top of the monument.  Noah looked up at it and said, "Well it looks like him - so it must be him."

The highlight of the trip (for the kids at least) was climbing up and running down the Hill Cumorah.  Once was enough for me.

3 Generations in the Sacred Grove
This was supposed to be a picture of just me and Paul but the kids didn't want to be left out - of course when you want to get a picture of the kids it's a-whole-'nother ball-game.
Noah, keeping warm - I'm pretty sure he managed to work up a sweat running thru that place while we all froze.

We love you Grandma and Grandpa Gunn!
We stopped at Niagara Falls on the way home - despite the cold, rain and wind.  We were wet before we even got on the boat.
We were worried about the kids although I don't know why - they loved every minute of it!  We were the ones bundling, huddling, shivering, and trying to stay warm and dry.
But it was worth it - the Falls were beautiful.
Other highlights of the trip:

me spilling my drink on my mother-in-law while trying to clean up the kids spilled drinks at the restaurant 

Paul and I attending a session at the Palmyra temple - it's so beautiful (stained glass and a view of the sacred grove)

The hot tub - the kids "swam" in it every night

and much more!

Thanks for a great trip Grandma and Grandpa!  We loved it and we miss you!


Melissa said...

How divine and holy.

Faye said...

Great pictures Summer. I didn't know you were indecisive - must have gotten it from me :)

Michele and John said...

i love all the pictures so im glad you put them all up. i cant believe how big your freakin kids are. why does it seem like they have totally changed since i last saw them! you got some really cute pictures on that trip of your family. i love it. and i really want to come to minnesota. if only i was rich.

Randy and Tiffany said...

Cute pics! I am jealous...I want to go there again someday...

Sarah said...

What a fun trip!!

Deanna Munoz said...

Summer...YOU ARE SO FREAKING BEAUTIFUL!! Its ridiculous really. I can't talk to you for a while...LOL!!!!