Monday, June 16, 2008

We love this guy!

Here are just a few of the reasons why:

he takes me in the car 
he takes me to the ATM
he wrestles with me
he gives me loves

he wrestles with me
he takes me for walks
he takes me to the store
he's a good painter
he plays with mommy, Noah and Alex

he works hard at work and at home and he NEVER complains (ok, sometimes this drives me crazy) 
he always looks at the brightside (this sometimes drives me crazy too)
he always does the right thing, no matter what - he lives with integrity and is a great example to me and to our kids 
he knows how to make me laugh everyday
he makes time to do fun things with the kids, giving them his full attention
(and those last few things never drive me crazy)

To sum it up - we are one lucky family.
Thanks for making life wonderful honey - we all love you!



Anna said...

Happy Father's Day Paul! We can tell your family loves you VERY much. By the way, I love the new pics on your side bar. Those kids of yours are adorable - and growing up so fast!

Michele and John said...

happy fathers day paul. thats a great picture of you! i know how you love to take pictures. summer should have put up the one of you with the pumpkin you carved. that was the best.

Sarah said...

I agree, you guys definitely have a wonderful dad for your family :) I love how happy Paul looks to be having his picture taken :) And I love that one of Noah's favorite things already is being taken to the ATM by his dad. Good thing you're going to be a doctor Paul!

carlyl said...

Hey Summer, i need to ask you a question and since I don't have your digits will you email me? thanks a bunch.

Dad said...

Summer, just for the record....everytime I have played golf with Paul he complains after each shot. It drives me nuts, I keep telling him.... "Paul, your not good enough to complain about your shots" then he just gives me this evil stare.

Randy and Tiffany said...

Happy Father's Day Paul! :) I read Michele's comment above and I must say though that even though that pumpkin carving picture WAS pretty awesome, I think the one on my blog of you shirtless in your swim trunks is even better. You should have posted that one, Sumy! :)
And what is it with Hunt girls marrying guys who are ALWAYS positive and look on the bright side of things? Randy does that too...and I have to admit sometimes it drives me a little crazy too :)

Dad said...

I like the picture of Paul without his shirt on as well.....if you look real close, there is six little hairs on his chest.

aShLeY said...

K were do I ever begin?? I love reading your blog because for one It always makes me laugh and for two I am so relieved to see that some one else feels like I do, I am not crazy! So the potty training thing I am totally feeling for ya! I just started with Lyla on Monday too and it is going just about how yours is! as of today she has made it to the potty 2 times, pooped in her underwear 2 times and peed a couple of times:( I thought we had it in the bag yesterday! I also find myself missing Cleveland, well our life in Cleveland, through the whole adjustmen:( I was so excited to be moving on and now I am a little lonely:( This too shall pass right?