Sunday, August 17, 2008

He did it!

Noah passed his swim class (Pike 1 at the YMCA)!  This was his second time through, and it's the lowest level.  As I've said before, Noah got a late start to swim lessons (due to living in Cleveland) so he's a little behind.  That's fine with me, I'm not worried that he'll never learn to swim.  He LOVES the water, he's just a little timid.  What I was worried about was him repeating this class over and over again and realizing that he was the biggest and oldest kid in the class and feeling bad about that.  So I was crossing my fingers, holding my breath, and encouraging him to work on certain skills he was struggling with all without trying to put too much pressure on him.

And he did it!  Now he's on to Pike 2...which I'm sure he'll be taking more than once as well : )

Way to go Noah!  We're all so proud of you!
(Especially Alex, who cheers for you every time you put your face in the water)

P.S.  The only way I could convince Noah to pose for this picture was by telling him I would put it on the blog so his Grandmas could see that he passed his swim class.  
Enjoy Grandmas, Noah did this just for you : )


Randy and Tiffany said...

Congratulations, Noah! The future Michael Phelps! :) I love how happy and proud of himself he looks in this picutre :)

Michele and John said...

i love that alex cheers for her big brother during his lessons, thats so cute.

Faye said...

Thanks for posing for that picture for me Noah. Way to go on your swim class. I'm proud of you!!!

Dad said...

Way to go Noah!
You already swim better than grandpa.

Lezli said...

Noah- you rock!!! Way to go!! You're awesome!-- We're all so proud of you!

Sarah said...

Yay Noah! Isn't it funny how panicked you can get as a mom over things like them being the biggest kid in a class and them getting worried about it? I didn't think I would be like that, but I so am!! I have to try really hard sometimes and be a chill mom, haha :) That's awesome that Noah passed! And I love that Alex cheers every time he puts his face in the water, that's adorable.

JohnK said...

Great job Noah!! First the Pike, then the Olympics