Sunday, August 03, 2008

Summer Meal

One of our favorite summer meals is Bagels with Lox and Cream Cheese.  It's a huge hit with the kids, especially Noah (Alex will eat anything).

This kid loves fish!  Whenever we eat this he takes a bite and says, "Wow this is fresh fish!"  Ummm, not exactly, but whatever : )

I love this meal for several reasons:
no cooking
super fast
kids love it
it's yummy

It will forever remind me of the trip Paul and I took to New York just after med school graduation.  We found this great pastry shop, 1 block from the apartment we were staying in.  It was open 24/7 and every night when we'd come back late we'd stop and I'd order the Bagel with Lox and Cream Cheese.  It was the best.

It also reminds me of "The Babysitters Club" books.  One of the characters, I think her name was Stacey, spent part of her time living in New York with her dad and she would eat this.  I remember this because it was the first time I'd ever heard of it but it sounded so good, I always wanted to try it.  How's that for a flashback?


Randy and Tiffany said...

Ha ha, the babysitters Club!?? That is funny! What a random memory!
That summer snack looks delicious! Now I am craving it!

Carrie Anne said...

i remember the babysitter's club books! i think a friend and i even tried to start our own babysitter's club and did anyone call? OF COURSE NOT!:)
that sounds like a very yummy snack right about now!:)

JoAnna said...

GO BABYSITTERS CLUB!! LOVE IT!! I've been having a great time catching up on your blog. You are such a fun writer. I LOVE the plinko! That is hilarious!
Miss you tons and tons!!