Friday, April 23, 2010

The Life

This is the post where I talk about how super cute my baby is and document all her amazing accomplishments thus far in life.
(Feel free to skip it.)

Avery is 6 months old.
And she's got the life.
Her wish is my command (and Noah's and Alex's and Dad's)
Really, is there ever any hope for last children?

Avery gets up multiple times a night.
Insists on being held 98% of the time.
Prefers her mamma to anyone and anything.
Still refuses to take anything but those *%&# hospital binkys (which bounce like rubber balls and disappear every time she drops them).
Does well in the car (especially if she can see her siblings) and will fall asleep in the carseat - but wakes immediately upon stopping.
Loves to be outside and does great in her stroller.
Is super ticklish.
Blows raspberries (so loud I have to take her out of church meetings) and does it while nursing, spraying me with milk - although that's better than when she does it with her solid foods.
Laughs hysterically at peek-a-boo.
Cannot get enough of her brother and sister.
Eats solids and loves it.
Still spits-up like no other.
Loves baths and splashes like a maniac.
"Sings" to us.
Does a super high-pitched squeal/scream when she's not getting enough attention.
Rolls both ways regularly now.
Can sort of sit up on her own.
(Does everything a tad bit late due to the fact that she must be held 98% of the time and still hates/refuses tummy time.)
Grabs her toes.
Has the most perfect little pink mouth.
Hates daddy's whiskers.
Loves to look in the mirror - tries to play with her own reflection and get to her mamma (who is already holding her).
Watches her daddy all the time, while giving huge smiles (and being held by mom).
Laid her head on my shoulder and fell asleep just the other day - one of my most favorite moments.
Still loves to be swaddled, but with her arms out now.
Chews on her thumb.
Has the softest skin in the world with all kinds of rolls and chub.
Can (sometimes) get her binky into her mouth on her own.
Sleeps on her side now - rolls to the left as soon as you lay her down, even asleep.
Still has reddish hair.

Is pretty much the cutest funniest little thing in the world.
Don't you want to squeeze her and kiss her?
I can't stop myself.

We can hardly remember life without her - and at the same time I feel like I just had her.
How can she be halfway to 1???

I love how much the big kids love her. They are always willing to help with her and will do anything to make her happy. They love to hold her, kiss her, tickle her, play with her and make her laugh. Alex loves to help me bathe, lotion, and dress her. Often, they are in her room in the morning giving her the binky, turning on her mobile, and entertaining her before I even get out of bed. They cannot stand for her to be sad or upset. Every time Avery has a doctors appointment they ask me nervously if she will have to get shots - when the answer is yes, they usually start to cry - I have had to make other arrangements for Noah and Alex because it is too traumatic for them.
Avery has the best big brother and big sister.
(Although Alex still makes me too nervous to leave her in a room alone with Avery for more than a few seconds. She has the best of intentions, but...)


Anna said...

She's such a cute little one! I do want to kiss those chubby cheeks. So when exactly can you start trusting older siblings alone with babies? We're definitely not there yet with Jay. He also has good intentions...

Sarah said...

She is so cute! I wouldn't mind holding her all day either :) Last babies get away with a lot. My youngest brother still gets away with a lot. And I still don't leave my kids alone with Blaine. Anna at least has good intentions, Katie... not always. It's not Blaine I can't leave alone, it's Katie. Ever. Seriously, that girl can destroy so much in the smallest amount of time. She truly is gifted. So, Blaine doesn't leave my side and Katie can't leave my sight... doesn't that sound fun? ;)

Kiss those cheeks for me!

[BrookeO] said...

K. Cute post girl. I miss ya!!
And I could not agree more, cutest baby - and no way she is 6 months already. Really?

Lets schedule that 6 month shoot.


John said...

Yes, I would love to squeeze and kiss her, but you are a five hour flight away....we hate that. She looks so big when she is sitting up. She's blessed to have you Sum.

Faye said...

Oh I miss her so much!!! I think it is time to plan a visit. Can you arrange to do a little video post in the mean time? - she has changed so much since February. One thing that hasn't changed - she is still absolutely adorable.

JoAnna said...

Oh my goodness! How adorable is she?? I love reading all these cute things and now I'm dying to see it all in person. I MUST hear her laugh!!! What a CUTIE!!!

Randy and Tiffany said...

I love this post. Avery is seriously such a cute baby...and I love her smiles and big wide open eyes in all these pictures! I can't believe she is halfway to 1 already either! Crazy!
oh ya, and BTW, this post just made me THAT MUCH more excited that I am going to be seeing you all in just 6 MORE DAYS! YAY!!!! Can't wait! :) xoxo

Lexie said...

Gooodness gracious, the hair, the cheeks, the smile, how can you help but hold her all the time? I love what you put about Alex & Noah and how much they love her. Though it's crazy, I think it's the best part of having 3 kiddos - watching them love and help each other. There is something so heavenly about it when you see them thinking about their sibling, and I think it happens most with a baby, don't you?

Aubrie said...

She is kissable and loveable! Love this post. LOL about the hospital binkies!

Carrie Anne said...

she is such a cutie! you know what all this means, don't you? she's going to be super independent when she's bigger b/c you're giving her so much love & confidence...& she's going to LOVE you like no other. little james was a LOT like this from only me being able to hold him & he spit up LIKE CRAZY all day projectile...and he's the one who is really obedient & still loves on me. he is confident & adapts easily but when i ask him to hold my hand he still does & I LOVE IT SO MUCH! i want to eat avery, too...she's such a doll.