Thursday, November 04, 2010

Word of the Day


definition: a measurement of time

As in, when I tell Alex to get off the computer she says, "But mom can't I have one more justasec?"

and now for a completely unrelated story:
Paul had the day off on Tuesday and was actually home. Also, Noah was home sick that day. So when Paul was in the kitchen that morning, making eggs for everyone for breakfast, I looked around and saw my whole family and declared, "This feels like a holiday!"
Paul laughed. "Not a weekend?"
And then we both laughed. Because we both know he's not around on the weekends either.
Thanks for working so hard for the family hon - the upside of all your long hours is that when you're home it feels like a special occasion : )


JoAnna said...

Loving justasec! Haha!!

Michele said...

naomi tells me "jussa minnit" a million times a day. I'll say "ok, lets go get in the car" and naomi will stop and say "jussa minnit mom?" guess i say that to them a lot.

Faye said...

So sweet - the justasec and Paul's very presence feeling like a holiday.