Sunday, December 16, 2007

Thanksgiving Day

Tanner's mission call: Mexico City East!!! He reports to the MTC on Feb. 20th. Tanner is the first boy and first missionary in my family so this is a new experience for us and we're all so proud and excited! Way to go Tanner!

Some of us decided to walk up to Temple Square and work up an appetite before Thanksgiving dinner. Noah decided to hitch a ride with Michelle.

Family Picture Time. Notice the above picture, the one that actually looks good, is missing someone? That would be when Noah was hiding under the table in the lobby of the Grand America. And I don't mean quietly...I mean the kicking and screaming kind of hiding. After much threatening and bribing (I'm not sure which one actually ended up working) Noah joined us for a picture (see below). Just lovely, isn't it? I guess we forgot to specify he had to actually LOOK at the camera.

Thanksgiving Dinner at the Grand America - better food doesn't exist. I love that they have a kid-sized buffet table, and so did my kids. Alex especially enjoyed the M&Ms (by the spoonful). I got a kick out of the look on the staffs face as Noah walked up to the buffet table, dug his fists into the candy bowls and walked back to our table and sat down. No need for serving spoons or plates for this kid.

Family Gift exchange: Christmas is so fun with kids, and ours are getting old enought to really enjoy it! Noah loved his helicopter (of course) and was flying it over everyone's heads for the rest of the night.
When Alex opened her present and saw that it was a baby there was a dramatic intake of breath
and an exclamation of, "Oh, BABY!" It was hilarious. I love this picture of her with her new purse and jewelry too. She was saying "pwetty Awex" all night long.

Lounging in our suites at the Grand America - life doesn't get any easier than this : )


LEX said...

I love it all, the pictures with and without Noah (I can't tell you how many times I've done that!), the M&M's, and of course Pwetty Alex! When Kastyn saw the blog she got so excited and said, "It's Noah, it's Noah!" We love you guys and are glad things are going so well!

Autumn said...

I can't believe Tanner is old enough to go on a mission. How did I get so old? That is so very exciting and I loved your family picture. Glad you got to spend some time together!!