Saturday, March 29, 2008

I know

It's about time I got around to this post:  Easter

At the last minute I realized that my kids are probably old enough to decorate eggs.  So on Saturday morning I tackled that project with the kids...alone.  That was my first mistake.  My second mistake was having them at the table while I was still trying to get set up - the result was me running back and forth from the kitchen to the dining room while the kids started without me - which resulted mostly in fighting, crying, and much spilled dye.  Mistake #3 was thinking that my 2-year old was ready for this project.  Let's just call it a learning experience.

Needless to say, the eggs were nothing fancy.
The funniest part was that as soon as the last egg had been dipped in dye (and I literally mean the second after) Noah and Alex started cracking all their pretty eggs and eating them.  So much for enjoying their handiwork - or mine

And the only thing those egg-dippers came in handy for was egg-eating.
At least this project fulfilled one role - it was both breakfast and lunch for my kids.

Sunday morning we woke the kids early enough to do an egg-hunt before church. 
Noah was so into it - really excited about everything.
He was even "helping" and "sharing" with Alex...
until she got the hang of it.  Alex is so funny because half the time she doesn't know what's going on she just follows her big brother around and does what he does.  Same story with the easter egg hunt.  She was really excited about running around with her basket but it took her a little while to figure out what it was she was supposed to be doing or be excited about.
Then one of her eggs popped open...and the secret was out.  
The eggs were full of candy!!!
So this is what Alex looked like for the rest of the morning
Look at that face!  She gave us major attitude when we tried to get her to collect eggs rather than eat candy. 
All in all, it was a success.  We were even EARLY for church.  Unbelievable.  After church we let the kids open their presents.  They got Toy Story from mom and dad (because we lost it ages ago).  From Grandma and Grandpa Hunt Alex got a set of Disney Princess dolls that you can dress up and Noah got a bag full of plastic ocean creatures.  Both were a huge hit!  They've been playing with them non-stop and even taking them with us when we go places.  For example...Monday we headed to Target to let the kids spend the $ that Grandma and Grandpa Gunn sent them for Easter.  Alex brought "mermaid" (of course) and Noah refused to leave the house until he'd packed up his entire bag of sea creatures.  The kids had no trouble spending the money from Grandma and Grandpa or deciding which toy to get.  They both got a set of Disney characters:  Alex picked the Cinderella ones and Noah's set was a mix of Incredibles and Monsters Inc.  The easter toys are all we've played with since.  Noah's characters/sea creatures are usually trying to "get" Alex's princesses while she tries to save them.  Amazing how long this can keep them occupied...
The other day Alex picked up one of her Cinderella's, gave her a hug an a kiss, and said, "Mommy, she's my favorite friend!"  Noah has gotten into the weird habit of requesting baths at odd hours of the day, so he can play with his sea creatures in the water.
I guess what I'm trying to say is, way to go Grandmas and Grandpas.  The gifts were a huge success.

I've totally digressed from Easter Sunday, but it was pretty low-key.  Paul had to be in to work at 4pm so we had an early dinner and let daddy relax and get ready for his all-night shift.  It was a good day - hope yours was too : )

P.S.  I have seriously forgotten that out west Easter is a spring holiday.  To me, here in Cleveland, March is still the dead of winter.  Even in past years, when Easter has been in April it's been cold and/or snowy.  So we've never done an outside easter egg hunt.  And I didn't bother to get the kids a "spring" outfit for church.  We dressed in our usual winter wear and were nice and cozy : )


Randy and Tiffany said...

Sounds like you guys had a fun Easter! I love the pics of Alex stuffing her face with hard boiled eggs and candy, lol. She is so funny! Glad you guys had a Happy Easter! :)

Sarah said...

I didn't know Easter was a spring holiday growing up either! ;) I had no idea about new spring outfits, or outdoor Easter egg hunts or anything. I have to say... I love the nice weather at Easter! I think it would be way harder to go the other way! ;) Hopefully it warms up soon for you guys there! Or it'll be warm when you get to Rochester! :) I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! :) And I also love the pictures of Alex with her mouth stuffed full of candy, your kids are too cute.

Faye said...

That gaave me a lot of pleasure to hear that the toys were a big hit. The pictures of the kids doing their easter egg hunt were hilarious. I remember getting Summer and Tiffany to hunt for eggs - Summer was totally into it - really aggresively looking for eggs - and Tiffany didn't really get what all the fuss was about. After a little while we could see Tiffany would just reach into Summer's basket and pull out eggs and put them in her own basket - Summer was so intently searching for more eggs she never noticed. Hilarious! I decided that's one of the great things about grandkids - you can enjoy them and all that they do AND totally have these deja vu moments where you recall the antics of your own kids at that age and enjoy those moments all over again too. It's fabulous!!!

LEX said...

it looks like fun. It was great to do an outdoor Easter Egg hunt with the kids, I don't think we've done that since the farewell party for the Gee's at the Larson's. I love that Alex only wanted candy, Kastyn was the same way, it sure makes it memorable, doesn't it?

Anna said...

What a fun Easter! I love how you're always willing to try fun things with your kids Summer. In the end you'll only remember the memories, not the stress and the messes. Your kids seem like they're so much fun. I love Alex's reaction to the candy inside the eggs, and the intense look of concentration on their faces as they ate the boiled eggs.