Monday, March 17, 2008

Preschool Fieldtrip

Last Friday (yes, the day after the St. Patrick's Day Party) Noah's preschool class (and moms and younger siblings) took a fieldtrip to the County Hospital.  

While waiting for our tour of the Life Flight Helicopter Noah and his buddies (with Alex not far behind) ran the halls checking out the pictures on the wall of said helicopter.  
Alex was, once again, SUPER excited to be included in the preschool festivities.
We ended up touring the ambulance first.  Alex thought she wanted to get in but immediately changed her mind and started crying for mommy.
Noah was hysterical.  You will notice that he has the same expression on his face in every single picture: serious face, wide eyes, hands in his pockets.  This is always his reaction to a new experience - but if you ask him if he's having fun the answer is always yes.  Here he is in the ambulance, checking things out.  
I love the look he gave the EMT when he tried to help him out 
This is a perfect shot of "the look"
Noah the pilot.  He was very nervous about sitting in the helicopter and tried to jump out!
I thought he would love seeing the helicopter, since he's obsessed with aviation.  And like I said, he said he loved it.  But look at this face!
I think Noah and Alex's favorite part was eating chicken fingers, sprite, and m&ms in the cafeteria after the tour : )

I swear these kids lives are one big party!


Randy and Tiffany said...

Lol, I love those pics of Noah with his eyes about ready to pop out of his head and his hands shoved in his pickets! : ) Ha ha, so funny! Looks like a fun fieldtrip! That's fun that Alex always gets to tag along and do all these fun things with Noah and his preschool friends : )

Emily said...

What else is childhood for but to have a good time, we only have so long to enjoy it right! I guess they have to learn stuff too, so I guess you could say field trips are the best of both worlds.

Sarah said...

Okay, I love Noah's face! He is so funny! His eyes look like he is just taking everything in. I love it. And what a fun field trip, you are so cute to take the kids there. And Christian said to me the other day that my life with the kids is like one big party.... I was totally mad... but I guess it kind of is :)

PS - that totally is Petie! And I had forgotten completely that we used to call him that. I wrote a comment back to you on my blog and then realized you probably wouldn't see it. But so, so funny. I'm guessing that nickname could be traced back to Kurt :)

LEX said...

It looks like a fun fieldtrip, what a great idea. I absolutely LOVE Noah's look, that is awesome. I miss my sweet Noah!