Friday, March 07, 2008


Alex loves the "David" books.  There is a whole series, all about a toddler named David who is constantly getting into trouble and being scolded - but his mommy still loves him.  It's obvious why Alex identifies with this character.  I love how she "reads" the books - pointed finger and stern face as she yells out the different scoldings - and then bursts out laughing.

Noah loves the "Planet Earth" DVDs.  His absolute favorite is "deep oceans" with "caves" coming in at a close second.  This is what Noah wants to watch whenever it's his turn to pick a movie.  Alex doesn't get into them as much but Noah was trying to convince her the other day saying, "Come on Alex, I need to teach you all about deep oceans."  It really is amazing what he's learned.  I think he can quote the whole thing.  This week Paul and I have watched one with him every night, after Alex goes to bed.  He loves to snuggle on the couch with us and tell us exactly what's going to happen and why.  These DVDs really are fascinating.

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Melissa said...

We love Planet Earth. My girls are facinated by it. Its a great alternative from Disney.