Saturday, March 15, 2008

Kid Stuff

Last week when church was canceled, because of the snow storm, I asked Noah what we should do to keep the sabbath day holy.  He chose to read some stories from "The Friend."  I read him 2 stories and when we were done he said, "Mom, that was long.  But that was holy."

Every night when Noah brushes his teeth he thinks it's really funny to swallow the water (and the toothpaste in his mouth) rather than rinse and spit.  It drives me crazy - so the other night when he did it again I snapped at him. 
Me:  Noah, we don't swallow the toothpaste, that's gross!"
Noah:  But mom, it has great flavor.
He said this in a contrite little voice, as if he were really very sorry but he just couldn't help himself.  I about died laughing, even though I'd been really mad 5 seconds earlier.  That's the great thing about kids - you can't stay mad at them for too long.  And they always forgive me instantly : )

Today Noah and I were having a conversation about the treadmill being broken  - it's been broken for months but every few weeks he forgets and wants to know why he can't exercise on it.  So, after explaining once more that it was broken Noah said, "That's a bummer." Pause "That's what Grandma Hunt says.  She always says that, huh mom?"

Alex is our little drama queen.  She's always saying with a pouty face, "I'n sad."  We ask her why and she always responds with, "De-tuss" (translation: because).  She says this for a million and one different reasons: if she doesn't get what she wants, if it's time to go to bed, if Noah is mean to her, if Noah goes to preschool, for some attention and cuddles from mom and dad, and sometimes, it seems, for no reason at all.  I'm starting to wonder if she needs zoloft.  I can't help but laugh and give her loves everytime she says it though : )   


Carrie Anne said...

I love kid's so great that you can remember them and put them down. Your kids are too funny and darling!

Randy and Tiffany said...

LOL! Those are hilarious!!! I love that one about how Grandma Hunt always says "Thats a bummer," cuz she really does always say that, lol!

Sarah said...

Your kids say the funniest things - I love it :) Noah cracks me up!

collette crew said...

I laughed out loud. I really did. your kids really are cute and funny.