Monday, October 13, 2008

30 Minutes of Torture:

Otherwise known as the Annual Family Photo Shoot.

I had my mom snap some family pics (of which we are seriously lacking) while she was here.
And then we remembered WHY we are lacking in this area.
(as if we could ever forget)

Noah has a complete mental/physical/emotional breakdown.
Without fail.
It's as if it causes him actual physical pain.
And there's no reasoning/rationalizing/disciplining/bribing our way through it.
It's simply a lost cause.

I blame it all on Paul
Who is almost as bad
Just kidding
(sort of)

Enough whining.
Here's what we got
Here's the Best of the Best 
(for real)

This was just after church
Paul refused to have his picture taken twice OR in dressy clothes
(See what I mean?)

Alex was her typical goofball self.
Almost impossible to get her to hold still for 3 seconds.
And not make silly faces.

Finally got Noah to cooperate when we told him he could climb this tree.

Pretty much our only options for the family Christmas card.
The happy (happy that it's over!) couple


Lori said...

That is hilarious Summer! But on a serious note you got some really good shots in there. You can be proud of your Christmas cards :) Your kids are too cute.

Randy and Tiffany said...

I think these pics turned out cute! And yes, I think Noah did get his hatred of taking pictures from his father. Whenever I think of Paul hating to take pics I always think of that hilarious one of him posing next to the pumpkin, lol! :) That one is the best!

Randy and Tiffany said...

And by the way, you look really pretty in these pictures Sister. :) So Noah may get his hatred of picture taking from his Dad, but Alex gets her adorable photogenic-ness from her gorgeous mother :)

Dad said...

Good thing you got those pic's taken before there is 8 feet of global cooling in your back yard.

Melissa said...

So clever. You kill me.