Thursday, October 09, 2008

? Day of Preschool and Gymnastics

I didn't remember to take Noah's picture on the first day of preschool.
I didn't even do it the first month of preschool.
But better late than never (right?)

Noah attends Bethany Nursery School 3 days a week for 3 hours.
He wishes it was everyday.
He's learning new things, making new friends, and is Mr. Independent
Don't be fooled by this look on his face - this is not his preschool face, it's his "I think I might die if you try to take my picture" face

Poor Alex is too young for preschool, for primary, for most community ed classes, and almost anything her big brother gets to participate in.
So I was excited when I found a community ed class she was old enough for: a parent-child gymnastics class.
It's once a week for 45 minutes
We go when Noah is at preschool
And I get to follow her around, help her out and cheer her on
She loves it
And I love it more than I realized I would.  It's so fun to have something special that's just hers (and mine).
So after her 4 sessions of community ed were up, we enrolled her in a year long class.
Alex is now an official member of J.E.T.S. Gymnastics
She even got a special leotard
And her coach says she's good : )

Love you kiddos!
I'm so proud of you both


Ginger said...

Oh my gosh those are cute pics and cute kids! I miss them so much. The last time I saw them was almost a year ago! So sad. I'm excited that you found Alex a gymnastics class. I think that's about the age that Shawn Johnson started her classes...

Michele and John said...

alex in a leotard is about the cutest thing i have ever seen. love it.

Randy and Tiffany said...

Ditto to what Shel said...Alex in a leotard is too cute for words...she looks so dang cute in that pic :) How fun for her to be able to take a gymnastics class! :)

Lezli said...

Noah and Alex are just too cute to take in. . . . .oh how I miss them!

robyne said...

Wow...the kids are as adorable as ever!! The house looks amazing!! I am so jealous you live close to the Mall of America! Most of all I am so proud of what a great Mom you are,I Love You Summer B!!!
p.s I met Paul's cousin at the What a Woman Wants show...she was really sweet:)

Sarah said...

I totally agree, Alex is the cutest thing ever in her leotard! So fun for you guys to get to do the class together!

Carrie Anne said...

that leotard is TO DIE FOR! i'm so glad you have a picture of that! that is one for the slide show at her wedding!:)
how do i have time to blog so much? oh you know...i'm CRAZY! i had 2 diet cokes tonight so i could stay up and sew & of course i can't sleep now! it's almost 3am...what am i doing?:) love the updates!

Faye said...

I miss the days when I had cute little girls running around my house in leotards - good thing I have alex to fill that void:)

Cynth said...

Cute Summer! And I am jealous of the gymnastics...totally did it as a kid...hoping my baby girl will be a little gymnast too! You have the cutest kids of America! I'm still planning on hanging of these days!

Rachel said...

so fun! i remember going to a gymnastic class with Hyrum ( I nannied him) it was called "Mommy and Me" and he loved being independent! I'm glad your having so much fun! It's so nice to have family visit! Now that Jeff and I are finally on our own, we miss having family around!

Anna said...

Wow guys! You're kids are so big. They are both so incredibly cute. I LOVE the picture of Alex in her leotard. We sure miss you and we love you.