Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Spiritual Thoughts

By Noah Gunn

"Mom, who controls the tv?  Jesus?"

"Mom why do we have to read scriptures every night?  Because the prophet told us to?  Well, I didn't hear him say that."


Randy and Tiffany said...

Wow. Alex does have a huge mouth. That picture is freaky.
But not as freaky as the picture of you and Paul... ;)

Michele and John said...

i think that picture of you and paul is my favorite. blow it up and frame it. i cant believe he let you put that on the blog. ha ha.

Carmen said...

Laugh out loud!

Come over to my blog...it's give away time!!

gregandlaura said...

you are so funny! There is no way you can say you arn't crafty!! Your house is adorable - you have to have some craftiness in you to pull that off! :)

Carrie Anne said...

how perceptive of him! love the family pics..& outtakes! before you know it alex with be a super picture girl who wants to pose all the time. now we can't rebecca to NOT pose...it's all about her these days...oh wait, when was it NOT about her?:)