Wednesday, October 01, 2008

It finally happened

Noah got 3 staples in his head today.

I've known for a long time that this day would come.  The day we'd have to take him to the ER.  How could I NOT know it when he's split his head open 4 times already???

Two of those times were fairly minor, even though there was blood.  Two of those times weren't so minor but Dr. Daddy took care of it with some super glue.

This time, THE FIFTH TIME, we headed to the ER.  

Good thing.  Once they'd cleaned his head and moved the hair out of the way so we could actually get a good look I almost passed out.  (Head feeling fuzzy, tingly, and spiny - good thing I was laying on the bed with Noah).  This gash was pretty long and pretty deep. 

Noah got three staples in his head today.

And he doesn't want anyone to know.  

He was pretty traumatized by the whole thing.  Not the gash he got at preschool - he didn't even cry - the part where we had to get it taken care of at the hospital.  

These are some of the things he said (over and over again):

"I'm not going"  (while hiding in the trunk of the van)
"I'm not coming back here ever again!" (fine by me)
"How do I get these staples out of my head!?!  Tell me!" (ummm....)
"I don't like this choice you made!" (mom and dads choice to bring him to the ER)
"It's not cool mom - it's sad!" (after I tried to convince him his staples were cool)
"I don't want to tell anyone - it's a secret." (after I suggested he brag about his staples at preschool)

Overall, I'd say he was a trooper.

P.S.  I didn't have my camera on me but I did get a picture on my cell phone of his head wrapped up like a mummy - in case you want to see it.  I thought it was pretty cute (and sad).


Ginger said...

Oh my gosh! How scary. My friend and I were just talking about this at school- I was telling her I dont know how I will respond when my kids get injured because I will probably just pass out. Kiss him for me!

Telitha said...

Oh poor Noah! Good for you for not fainting... I'm afraid that's what I would have done. I hope he can get the staples out soon!

Lezli said...

Breaks my heart. . . .

Sarah said...

I even got all tingly numby feeling when you were describing how you felt! I am so not good with that stuff. Poor Noah! That is so sweet that he wants to keep it a secret, and so sad! So scary. I'm glad that he's alright... and that you made it through it!

Faye said...

Noah was pretty tough I'd say. I can't believe the trip to the ER was more traumatic than the fall that gave him that deep of a gash. The photo of him all bandaged up was sad though. How long does he have to keep all the head bandages on?

Shellie said...

Carls showed the mummy picture to sad. I am glad he is ok!

Lexie said...

Ack! I hate the ER! I'm so sorry Noah had to go & I don't blame him for never wanting to return. I'm so proud of you though for helping him out & for remembering what he said - you are such a great Mom!

Carrie Anne said...

oh man! poor you but i can't get over the darling comments...especially the "you made the wrong choice" comment...hilarious! i hope you don't have too many more of these episodes!:)