Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The All-In-One

Things were a little crazy before Christmas...and I got behind on my blogging.  But I couldn't not document our pre-Christmas fun.  Hence, this post, "The All-In-One" (although I am reserving separate posts for Christmas Eve and Christmas day, and all the things that came after that - so maybe all-in-one was the wrong choice?)

#1. - It was cold (surprise!)
This is a picture of the (very ugly) windows in my entryway, completely iced over
And don't worry - that ice is on the INSIDE.

But we made good use of that cold which brings me to...

#2. - Sledding
This is the view from our front window much of the time.
I love it
So Paul got to work building the worlds greatest sled runs - one on each side of the house
Here's Noah giving the North Run a go

This wall is supposed to stop him from flying right out into the street - but we've had a few incidents...

And quite a few crash landings - but Noah's been tough about it (as opposed to last year when sledding always ended in tears)
Above is our mailbox, completely buried in snow
Below is Alex, looking cute as ever, while trying to catch snowflakes on her tongue
Noah loves to throw himself down the hill and bury himself in the powder (except for the time he succeeded in COMPLETELY burying himself, head and all)
Paul and I had some fun tubing (well mostly just Paul), on the South Run
(which turns out to be the more dangerous of the two)

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of me and Noah coming down together, flying right up and over the wall, and smashing into a car.  (it was a parked car).  I thought I broke my nose.  But once Paul realized we were going to be ok...he thought it was pretty funny.  
Noah and I did not.

Alex is still a little wary of the snow, but loves having daddy by her side

And last but not least...

#3. - Gingerbread House
Nothing fancy - but in my defense this was totally spur of the moment
(but if I'm being honest they wouldn't have been fancy, even if I'd planned ahead)
We busted out the Graham Crackers which we always have on hand, the strawberry frosting leftover from Noah's birthday, and the candy from the Christmas package Grandma sent.
And this is what you get.

Turned out it wasn't too sturdy...which brought about tears...until we said they could eat it.
Then they looked like this

Well, Alex just looks like this most of the time (messy, sticky, snotty face and ratty hair)

And that's the end : )


Randy and Tiffany said...

how fun! the view of your snowy yard is beautiful!! And the sledding looks like a blast!! :) Miss you guys so much!!! xoxoxo

Faye said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I'm so grateful that you are such a dedicated blogger (unlike myself) I feel like we got a glimpse of your Christmas fun with the kids even thought we weren't there.