Friday, December 12, 2008

To My Husband

The house is too cold.
It is only 10:30 and I have to go to bed - not because I'm tired but because I can't stand being this cold for one more minute.  
And really, I'm much too busy for this.  I was in the process of adding all the addresses I've recently been emailed to our contacts list - but typing with gloves on does not work.
And this afternoon, when we were actually home for a whole 1/2 hour before we ran out to do the next thing, I had to turn on a movie for the kids and sit in the tub.  Not to relax, wash my hair, get clean, or even shave.  No, I did none of the above (I didn't have time).  I just filled it to the brim with hot water and immersed myself up to my ears for a good 5 minutes.  Just to get my body temperature back up to a normal and acceptable level.
It is also very difficult to do much of anything when you are forced to walk around the house wrapped in a blanket.  YES, I am dressed appropriately for the weather.  I have on 2 shirts, a sweatshirt, my fleece jacket, my wool socks, and my slippers.
And how many cups of Hot Chocolate can one girl drink???

I love you - but I am FREEZING.  Possibly to death.
Ok, not to death - but to serious levels of grumpiness and inproductivity (did I just make that word up?)

To everyone else:
Today is the first day the MN winter really got to me.  So I made it to December 12th.  Nice.  I've only got about 5 months to go.  

But really - I was all over town and back today and the highest the temperature ever got was 8.  That does not include windchill folks (which my husband says is just a way to exaggerate how cold it actually is).  A good portion of the time it was hovering around -1.  And let me tell you.  My face just hurt.  And my kids were crying, saying they were turning into icicles and getting frostbite (I really don't know where they get this stuff).  

Ok, I'm done complaining. 
(But mostly just because I had to take my gloves off to type this post and I can no longer feel my right hand)

So yes - the issue in our marriage is...the thermostat setting
At least for the next 5 months.

To my husband again:
Love you hon : )
Really I do

Which is why I posted this on the blog - so you could imagine me saying it in whatever tone of voice you'd like to hear (that and the fact that I hardly ever see you).  Yes, I'm that good of a wife : )

Can't wait for our date tomorrow night!
(Somewhere warm please!)


Dad said...

Here's the deal you should make with Paul...

When he is home, he can set the temperature to what ever he wants, but when he is gone, you get to set it at what ever the temperature is in the hospital.

I'd like to see him in the ER with Ski gloves on.

Randy and Tiffany said...

Man, I am so sorry Summer! I don't even think I would have made it to Dec. 12th...that is just craziness!

[BrookeO] said...


i love this post, I am laughing hysterically --- remind me to show you the warming bags...a must.

PS it is going to get a whole heck of a lot colder!!! :)

The daily musicians said...

Summer- I love reading your blog! I never really got to know you in CA, BUT your blog is awesome- and literally makes me laugh OUT LOUD! Your family is beautiful and you are a great mom- at least I'm not the only mom who spends some days watching movies and eating junk food with kiddos:) keep your chin up- the Winter leads to Summer (pun intended).
-Ashley Simpson Daily

gregandlaura said...

OH MY GOODNESS - horrible cleveland memories have rushed back to me! I am not complaining about missing cold weather again!! So sorry - hang in there!

tracey said...

Ugh, the cold! I am so sorry, about the cold and about Paul's "rules". You're a better woman than I am to actually stick to them. I am cold just thinking about it! Tom was getting such a kick of this he had to read it to me out loud! Thanks for giving us a laugh, but in all seriousness I hope you find a way to warm up!

Lexie said...

I'm so sorry! It reminds me of the -17 days in Cleveland, and they were unreal to me! I have to say I disagree with Paul, windchill is COLDER definitely. I also think that having more floors to heat makes everything so much colder than a one-floor apartment, don't you? We've decided to move the thermostat from 63 to 65, but seriously, I don't think there's much of a difference, maybe I should go back to 63.

I love the way you write things and as much as I don't miss the cold, I miss playing in the snow with my kids. I loved your write-up about sledding and am glad there wasn't a further post about broken limbs from Noah's kamakazi runs! You are the greatest Mom, I hope Noah knows that. He probably does.

Amy Schelin said...

Brrr! You will definitely be ready for California after this time in Minnesota! I will say that at least you know how to handle the cold. These Californians are a bunch of wimps. It gets down to 65 and everyone is complaining!

montanawildflower said...

you definitely need this:|SM|GO|TM|

we laugh so hard every time we see this infomercial. the old guy serious looks like a monk :)

Shellie said...

Could you be any funnier? Seriously you KILL ME! I am sorry you are freezing!

Carrie Anne said...

oh i'm laughing at all of your posts! i had a day today with bee like you had with alex..too bad i didn't think to take pictures of the melt downs.:) next time FOR SURE!
sorry i'm slacker blogger but it was so fun catching up since GNO! have a super awesome christmas!

Carrie Anne said...

ps-how are you liking a thousand splendid suns? i read it last year...tears & more tears!

Rachel said...

I "heart" your blog! I think a lot of husbands have the "hot button" about the thermostat! I know my husband does! When we were in Cleveland, we got LOTS of little heaters and put them around the apartment! For some reason, he'd rather pay a high electric bill than a gas bill??? Wierd...

Kori said...

Summer, I am sorry. I was just complaining about the 32 degree temp here but I guess I better stop. I don't think I could deal with 8 degrees!! Well when you come to Utah you can warm up a little :}

Sarah said...

Oh, this brings back so many memories from my childhood... ones I don't miss so much! ;) But it did make me laugh so hard, you are so funny. Do you ever hog the heat? That's what we would call when we would sit over the heater with a blanket so it would blow all around us and warm our chilled bones. Our thermostat is set at 68 degrees and I am freezing. It is amazing how fast you can acclimatize to not freezing weather. Do you have some uggs? They were the only way I survived Canada last year. They kept my feet so toasty warm. I have slippers for inside and boots for outside. Do I need to send mine to you? :)

I totally think windchill is the level of cold that makes your face and teeth hurt in the cold. When you have a really cold windchill your face will feel like it's going to fall off from being frozen and if you open your mouth it will kill your teeth. Oh I don't miss that!! You poor girl! Hang in there!!!