Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Don't try this at home

It's part of the Christmas season
and intern year
and homeownership
and church callings
and motherhood
and LIFE


And it's coming at me from every angle these days

you know you need to chill out a bit when you hear your 2 1/2 year old muttering to herself repeatedly, 
"I'm so stwessed out!" 


when you're 5 year old says he can't sit by his little sister because, 
"what if we have a breakdown?"


no matter how frustrated you are with your kids - do not say to yourself
"I'm gonna kill him/her"


when you're in the car and they are screaming, whining, fighting, and screaming do not say
"I'm gonna throw you out the window"

Even if you think they can't hear
(They can)
Even if you think they aren't listening 
(They are)
Even if you think they don't pay attention
(They do)

And they tend to take things literally.

Just FYI

Yeah - me too


Carmen said...

When I get like that...you know angry and sceaming

Benson says, "Mom, I'm scared of you."

"Good" is my reply

This is but a moment.

JoAnna said...

ooh. Good post!! So well said. So relateable. xo

Faye said...

I know you hate to hear it = but when Alex is in complete melt down mode it SO reminds me of you at that age. It is so much funnier now. :)

[BrookeO] said...

Oh Alex!
I love this post. I agree with everything ---

How'd those yummy potatoes turn out?

The Gatchell Crew said...

Oh My this was so funny. I know not to you bc you are living it. But to me the photos of "the Meltdown" are hilarious. I often have been known to snap a photo of a "complete meltdown" of my kids. You know just to show them how icky they look when they are being poops. I also have recorded their screams so they can hear how horrible they sound. You know they don't think it's as funny as we do. Good luck Summer & in oh about 16 yrs. she'll grow out of that. Then she will totally enjoy this post & the photo that goes with it. You two will actually laugh together about it. Until then... the bathroom with the shower running is an excellent hiding place & momentary sanctuary. :)

Chris and Lisa said...

I love your blog Summer! How's the weather been so far?? It looks COLD! I will be anxious to hear how the winter is for you this year!!

Michele and John said...

oh summer, im so sorry. at least you can have a sense of humor about your crazy life right now. i wish we lived in rochester so we could have our meltdown days together. though yours are actually valid and mine are not.

Sarah said...

Have you offered her a pillow to scream into? ;) Or done that yourself? My kids also totally melt down when I am the most stressed. I love that you took pictures of it, I think those are great memories to have! Maybe a lot more fun in 10 years... or 20... :)

collette crew said...

I've really been bad at commenting- but I hope you know I love to read your blog. you are such a good writer. being a mom is the pits sometimes. you are being a brave soul with paul working so much- I don't know how you do it. I would be a wreck... I have much to learn from you. ps the day you took a "rolled out of bed" picture... you are a total babe. not quite the bent red glasses, funky ponytail and sweatshirt look I pull on my way to take dylan to the bus stop. you are beautiful.

Randy and Tiffany said...

I bet you look just like Alex in these pictures when you have your meltdowns, huh? ;)

Lori said...

My thing is "you're driving me crazy"
mmmm what are mom's supposed to do?!

Lezli said...

About Alex. . . . .oh my!!! Now when did you say you are coming? (I'm still recovering from my days with Ginger)!