Thursday, December 18, 2008

The upside of -37 degree weather

Yesterday was a whopping 8 degrees.  And let me tell was nice!  
Balmy! (as Jo would say)
Didn't even bother with my hat and gloves for most of the day
And we were out and about (were we ever)!
One of those days where you're gone from about 9am to 5pm - it went something like this:
Lunch with Daddy
Grocery store
(yes that really can fill up your entire day)

And as I sit here and blog it's 2 degrees - I know because Noah checks the weather constantly
(I won't let him go sledding if it's below zero)
And it's sunny
And I'm happy : )

I may be a little obsessed with the weather - but I don't want you to get the wrong impression.
I still love Rochester, MN
I still wouldn't want to be anywhere else
I DO wish I could heat my house a little more...but I'm dealing

Everyday is an adventure

But in case you don't find the weather here as fascinating as I do I decided to drum up some random pictures for this post


For Grandma
Noah loves it, wears it all the time

Noah tried his hand at shoveling one night - and discovered it's harder than it looks
(hello, why do you think I never do it?)

Noah's favorite computer game - Kid Pix
(thanks Grandma!)

and last but not least...
belly dancing.
or something.


Mike & Lyndsi said...

Haha so cute! I love the belly dancing. And that computer game actually looks really fun...I'm such a nerd but I love things like that! :) Merry Christmas!

JoAnna said...

balmy is right!! Funny thing!! I just ordered that game for Sam yesterday!! He played it once at school and is now DYING to play it again!

Lezli said...

Summer- You are a trooper! Pretty soon you'll be in Utah and it will feel like Palm Springs. . . . we can hardly wait!-- Love you and Paul and those adorable kids!- XOO

mandy* said...

Your blog is so entertaining! I love reading it. Keep up the weather reports!

Sarah said...

I love the belly dancing, your kids are too cute. The amazingly cold weather probably keeps all the weirdos away from Rochester making it such a nice place to live ;) Your weather reports are awesome, maybe you can ask Santa for an increase in the thermostat temperature for Christmas! :)

Anna said...

Wow, it sounds COLD there!! I love the picture of Noah and Alex "belly dancing." They crack me up! It really makes me want Jay to have a baby sister. Unfortunately now we'll have to wait until Mike gets back to try, lame. So one of these days we're actually going to see you guys again. Wouldn't that be great?