Tuesday, December 02, 2008

What Yesterday looked like

GNO until 2am
climbed into bed and Paul was just waking up
hadn't talked for a few days - and hey, we were both up, so why not then?
Talked until 3am
He got up and left for work not too much later while I was sound asleep

Alex woke at 5:47am - and came into my room for something every 15 minutes

So when I dragged myself out of bed just before 7 - 
I looked like this
Pale skin, dark circles, bed head (and that's how I went to preschool with Noah for his Special Day)
I also woke to this email from Paul:
Hey, nice talking to you at 2 AM.  This may be our best way to talk this month since I'll be going to bed with the kids every night.  I hope you aren't too sleepy today.  Tell Noah I'm excited for his special day.  I'll talk to you later on sometime. Love you. pg

Outside my front window - 
It looked like this

and the sled hill out back - 
It looked like this

So the kids demanded some Hot Chocolate (with a capital H capital C please) - 
and they looked like this

Alex finally got some snow clothes, so when we went sledding that afternoon - 
she looked like this

and tried to climb the slippery slidey hill  - 
like this

Noah's face - 
looked like this
(the whole time)

But the backyard sled hill is no longer sufficient for Noah
It's gotta be the longer, steeper, faster (much faster!) hill in the front yard - 
that ends at the street (no sidewalks).

So now close your eyes
 and imagine this:

Noah flying down at approximately 56mph - 
twisting rolling turning flipping flopping and churning limbs

me, braced to catch him at the bottom and prevent us all from getting run over by a car - 
and getting completely knocked out by my 5-year old speed demon
(not the unconscious definition of knockout - the knock my legs right out from underneath me and we all end up in a heap definition)

Can you picture it?
Replay that in your mind another 43 times.

Good Times.


Faye said...

Wow! What a day. You and Paul are both marathoners! The kids look so cute in their snow clothes.

[BrookeO] said...

{Oh I luff it.}
The price we ('er our kids) pay for GNO's huh?!

Lezli said...

If I looked as good as you in the morning I wouldn't even bother doing another thing. . . .and I'd be lucky to make it up that hill more than a couple of times - if I was able to get up after Noah knocked me down! As I always say, you continue to amaze me! XOXO

Sarah said...

She got up at 5:45?! I would die if my kids got up that early! Especially after going to bed at 3:00! You poor girl! You look amazingly hot for that little sleep! I don't look that good in the morning, no matter what!

Also, last year I totally got taken out at the bottom of the snow hill in Canada when I was trying to take a picture of our kids by an out of control 5 year old. Look out for Noah! :)

Elise said...

Summer I love that you took a picture of yourself in the morning. I wish I looked that good when I rolled out of bed (or ever for that matter!)
Oh and that was a great post about the kids being sick. We've had the same issues at our house and Bren's been gone a lot on interviews so I've been even more of a basket case. The other day he came home at the end of the day and I said, "Oh good, you're just in time for me to slit my writs!" He didn't think it was as funny as I did.

Carrie Anne said...

you are a hottie with no sleep! what a super fun GNO! that is exactly why i drink diet dew & diet coke...way too often b/c i'm so freaking tired day after day! i love those moments of conversation with the husband...especially after it's been so long & you feel like you are just co-existing b/c life is so busy! james & i send a lot of emails despite the fact that we are around each other a ton...it's b/c you don't get those cherished moments of conversation as often. what a super star mother you are taking those kids out all day in the snow! you are so great & SO SO COOL SUMMER!

gregandlaura said...

You are Hilarious! thanks for keeping it real and having such an awesome blog!!

Anne said...

Just lurking around in your blog....this entry of your typical day was very good. I don't see how you young girls do it.... Glad you're my daughter's friend...glad I'm your MIL's friend....