Wednesday, January 28, 2009

4 Days

of cousins
(Jack and Isabelle, from Paul's side)

of a long-awaited and much needed (it's been 7 months people) haircut.
for me not Paul
(this is pre-haircut)
(there is no post-haircut pic.  It's looks pretty much the same [but feels so much better]
I'm keeping the long locks for awhile)

of riding the Frontrunner train down to SLC
complete with (spilled) treats
(too hot) mints from a stranger
and entertainment provided by none other than Grandma Gunn

of new headbands for (hippie) Alex
and cute new hair everyday, compliments of Grandma and Aunt Ging
(I have utterly failed in this department of motherhood)

of a trip to the treehouse museum

of mac and cheese for the kids while mom and dad were on a date

of a cousin sleepover with matching pj's
(supplied by Grandma)

of quality (not quantity) time with (BOTH!) of my sisters 
and even a few hours with my mom.
Here's the cousin pic from my side
(too hilarious not to post)

Tiff's baby boy is due in May
Cousin Boston (Michele's) just turned one
(And Noah and Alex just look utterly ridiculous - closed eyes and picked noses?!?)

That's more like it

We also...
went to the airplane museum (surprised?)
had dinner with Paul's friends (thanks Laings and Bischoffs for a great night!)
saw Twilight again (me and my sisters-in-law that is)
and ate
and ate
and ate
(but thankfully did not gain 5 pounds - you were right Paul)
think Maddox (twice)
Cafe Rio (twice)
The Mandarin
and many of my mother-in-laws wonderful home cooked meals.

Our faces looked like this the whole time

until it was time to go home.
and then we all cried
(and Alex went the extra mile...she kicked screamed shouted hit and sobbed her way home. the airport was great.)

Thank you to all of our family members (especially Grandma and Grandpa Gunn) who spent time with us and made our trip wonderful
(and possible).

We couldn't ask for more...
except for maybe more time
: )

Next time...

We love you all!


Carrie Anne said...

love the silly pics! that is just great! i need a haircut, too...i totally hear you! okay so i need to know where that airplane museum is & where that treehouse museum is. james will be gone a lot for auditions & i need to get us out of the house! where else have you gone out here?

Michele and John said...

tiff might kill you for posting that picture but im laughing out loud that you did... so freakin funny

Sarah said...

What a great trip! The picture of the cousins together is my favorite. Way, way better than perfect cheesy smiles :) So, we are moving THIS SATURDAY. Are you kidding me? I have so much to do, and yet here I am, sitting at my computer reading everyone's blogs... I am such a procrastinator! At least it's just up the road! :)

Ginger said...

It was so fun! We miss you.

[BrookeO] said...

Oh gosh, all that in just a week!
I am so glad that you guys had such a fun time, what a nice break I am sure.

Can't wait to catch up, check out your new do' and I love Alex in piggie braids....SO CUTE!

Lexie said...

What a great trip! It really sounds like you packed it in! So much to do in such little time, ahh...the life of a resident family. I am jealous you got to eat at the Mandarin (my VERY favorite) and glad you had such fabulous adventures (that train ride looks awesome)!

robyne said...

I'm so glad you got to come out and see the sisters and your mom too! I'm sure it is hard to live so far away, but it is good to know that it is home for you now....I can totally relate....its how i felt when I first moved to Sandy.

Randy and Tiffany said...

What the hell!??

Shel's right...I am gonna kill you for posting that picture!

Why, you ask???


sara said...

My dad has those same plaid couches in his living room. So does my Aunt. (They didn't plan it that way.) Must be a popular couch among mormons. :)