Friday, January 16, 2009


My new favorite song is "Gives You Hell" by the All-American Rejects
Perfect for the gym - which is the only place I'll be listening to it.
(not exactly one I want the kiddos singin' along to)

Blame it on Ellen - they're performing on her show today.
I even checked out the video (had to after the clip I saw).
(the really mature side of me) thought it was pretty funny.
(My sisters would like it)

Speaking of the gym...(we were, weren't we?)
today marks 2 straight weeks of going to the gym 5x's (a week) (Got it?)
Now I can go to Utah and gain 5 pounds in one week (Paul is gonna roll his eyes when he reads this - he keeps telling me that's not possible)

Next step (as soon as we return)
treats on sundays only (!!!!!)
once a week
as opposed to my current level of 4 times a day.

Wish me luck...(starting in 8 days)


Ginger said...

Summer- I am impressed by your dedication to the gym. I wish I had been ONCE in the past week! I haven't- and it shows:)I also need to implement the treats once a week only rule. Also I LOVE the All American Rejects. I went to their concert here in Utah last year and it really made me love them even more. Can't wait to see you guys in a few days. Love ya!

Elise said...

I am also a HUGE fan of AAR. Chris and I also have the same argument about weight gain. I SWEAR I can fluctuate like 3-4 pounds within a few days. What, am I rigging the scale to prove him wrong... and me fatter???

Carrie Anne said...

Thanks for posting about some songs I should probably download & chances are Rebecca WILL hear. James already gets on my about stuff she hears that's mine. It's better than my brother's kids who have apple itouch ipods with SO MANY bad songs on it! Yeah...they are 5, 8 & 11.:) I hear you on the treats...if you need motivation, check my fitness blog & others who are in on it. I thought of you 5 minutes ago when I was FREEZING...oh wait...I'm STILL freezing! Have fun in Utah!!! Eat at all of your yummy places! it's worth the 5 pounds.:)

JoAnna said...

First of all, I will be downloading that song. I love them too but I need to get more of their stuff. Second of all, I loved the gym today! i worked my butt off and it felt so good. And the kids loved the kids care. HAIL DAHLC!!
Third of all, thank heaven for hot cocoa or I wouldn't have made it through my first no treat day!!

Randy and Tiffany said...

Wow! 5 days a week, that is impressive! Good for you! Can't wait to see you next week...even if it is just for like 2 seconds ;)
By the way, I also love that All American Rejects Song! But I haven't seen the video...I will have to check it out now... ;)

Sarah said...

I listen to stuff at the gym that I would never listen to anywhere else.... like even the Jonas Brothers, shhhhh don't tell anyone! :) I am lucky if I make it to the gym 2 days a week these days, and all of my eating at my favorite places in Utah has caught up with me. But it was totally worth it! :) Enjoy some more cafe rio for me!!!

tracey said...

I'm sitting here trying to be inspired by your upcoming resolution about no treats but I know that I am going to stand up from the computer and will walk straight to always happens when the kids are napping... kudos on your gym commitment! Try to stay warm, we think of you and your tundra often. Just tell yourself that if you lived somewhere with decent weather life would be boring and you would have to find something else to talk about! (That's easy for me to say here on my island... you can stuff this advice back in my face when I am positively melting and swimming in humidity this summer!)

Chris and Lisa said...

Good luck on the one treat a week - I have tried that many many times, and I, for one, can never keep to it!! I hope it goes better for you. I decided that as long as I'm exercising, I'll pretty much I what I want. Nice philosophy, huh? Love the post about winter - I agree. I love excuses for all of us to stay home in our pajamas.

Anna said...

Summer, I haven't been able to check up on too many blogs lately and I've missed seeing your family! I hope you're having a great time in Utah (gaining 5 pounds:). I miss you guys and really wish we could live closer. Any ideas on where you'll settle after this whole doctor process is over? I'm impressed by your dedication to the gym. I've made it 3 whole days running this week! I'm very proud of myself :) Now let's just hope we can keep our track record up...