Sunday, January 25, 2009


We're home.  

This was our first time leaving MN since we moved here, and I always think it's an interesting experience to come home to a fairly new place.  It's when I realize this new place really is home to me (or something like that which I can't really put into words).

It was a short trip - we wish we could've stayed longer.  Yet it always feels so good to be home.  

Here's the really weird part.  We came home to (what else?) freezing temps.  10 degrees, -10 with windchill when we walked off the plane.  And it felt good to me.  Freezing, yes.  But it felt like home.  (I'm pretty sure this is the weirdest thing I've ever said).

Trip details coming soon  - but first I need to steal pics from my mother-in-law's blog and get some from my little sis too.  Because (shockingly) I forgot my camera.  (In this area I am definitely not my mother's daughter).  

So for now, I will leave you with a story.
It goes like this:

I get airsick.  This is a fairly recent development.  It didn't start until after I had kids.  I'm not saying they're linked, that's just how I remember when this began.  
So I get airsick.  Not throw-up sick, but dizziness and nausea that begins on the plane and sometimes lasts for several days.  
Annoying, to say the least.

Last summer I flew the kids to Cali, and turned around and got on a plane 24 hours later by myself.  (My parents were watching the kids for us while Paul and I took a graduation trip.)  I got sick on the way there and was worried about getting on a plane again so soon, so Paul suggested I take Dramamine.  There's no such thing as non-drowsy Dramamine, but I did find "less-drowsy Dramamine."  Perfect.

Or not.  Good thing I was traveling kid-free cuz who knows what would've happened to the kids?  That stuff knocked me out.  I couldn't stay awake - during my layover I was worried I'd miss the plane cuz I'd be out cold while they were boarding.  And when I did have to stay awake (for boarding and such) I was near tears it was so miserable.

Well, time plays tricks on you and you forget.  Or I do.

I forgot what Dramamine does to me.  So when we flew home Friday and I was feeling sick at home that night Paul suggested I take Dramamine.  When I reminded him how sleepy it makes me he was unconcerned.  I could sleep in the next morning and we didn't have big plans for Saturday.  I could lounge around if I still felt sleepy.

So I took one.  One "less-drowsy Dramamine."  (The dosing instructions say "1 to 2 pills").

And I slept 12 hours straight.
Yep.  Couldn't pull myself out of bed until 10am.
At 11am, still feeling the foggy head, lead body syndrome I told Paul I was going to get in the shower.  I headed to my room for my robe...but that's when I saw my bed.

I can't really explain what happened next.  But I crawled in and slept for the next 4 hours.

Ridiculous, I know.

I forced myself up at 3pm.
At 4 I took the kids to the library, but called it quits after only 40 minutes, at which point I felt like I was going to pass out from fatigue.
I remember thinking on the way home...I really shouldn't be driving.

But we made it home, safe and sound.

And the dramamine seemed to wear off around 10pm last night.

Paul was a good sport, letting me sleep, taking care of the kids, doing the grocery shopping.  He thought the whole thing was pretty hilarious.  I vaguely remember waking up several times to Paul standing over the bed, laughing at me.  All he said was, "Now you know how I feel when I'm post-call."  And that's probably as close as I'll ever come.

And I will never be taking Dramamine again.  Less-drowsy or not.
(It's more debilitating than the nausea.)

The End.


Carrie Anne said...

welcome home, friend! i wish that we lived close to each other b/c it was so fun to hang out for book club or in primary even though we never hung out. but now that we have blogs i wish i could hang out with you more. bummer for me...unless by some miracle james won an audition there, but i'm pretty sure they don't have a symphony, so maybe you'll move to where we are.:) loved the dramamine sister in law deals with the same thing. i should ask her if you ever adjust to the non-drowsy stuff but i'm thinking no. at least you got lots of rest, right?:) can't wait for more posts!

JoAnna said...

That's hilarious!! I'm laughing out loud. I can just picture it AND feel it.
I'm soooo glad you are back!! Let's hit the gym!!

B & W Neibaur said...

You always have the best stories. Maybe I should take a Dramamine just so I can sleep for that long without interruption...I don't think the boys in my house would go for it. Dashell still likes the night life way too much for his mom.

Steph said...

So glad you are home! I think your story is crazy given the fact that you rarely sleep otherwise. :) BTW, love the new haircut. Fabulous!

Jade and Todd said...

Summer you kill me! You have the best stories! IT was fun to hang out with you and Paul while we were here! Next time we'll have to let out kids play too! Although dinner was soooo nice without the kids!

Mike said...

Ah Dramamine my drug of choice here in Honduras, luckily it doesn't have the same effect on me. I caught a ferry a couple of weeks ago to the Islands here and as we got on the boat they handed us barf bags and man did they come in handy. Needless to say I now always have a Dramamine handy.

Anna said...

Oh my! I'm sorry to hear about the dramamine problem, as well as the airplane sickness. I'm just getting over a 24 hour stomach flu and have realized all over again why nauisia and throwing up are about the 2 worst things in the world. I've never taken dramamine but I'm fairly warned now :) I can just picture Paul laughing at you. btw I loved the Christmas video of Noah and Alex explaining The Grinch. They crack me up. So cute!

Sarah said...

Hahaha! That is so funny. I'm glad you got some good sleep in! :) And I am so happy for you that it feels like home there now! So fun that you guys had such a great trip to Utah and I am so excited about Cali!!! For sure let me know when you have more details, I would love to see you! And we just signed a lease for a house really close to your parent's house. It's up off of Cowell right by Ygnacio, so we're not in the same ward, but in the same stake I'm pretty sure. It'll make it way easier to see you! :)

Carrie Anne said...

hey...FYI...i talked to my sister in law who takes that dramamine ALL THE TIME! anyway, she just went to the inauguration & was on dramamine the entire trip & told me she no longer does the non-drowsy b/c from her experience the non-drowsy is like extended release so it hits you later but the drowsy just makes you tired within minutes...does that make sense? maybe that'll help with the next trip??? maybe not worth it??? anyway, welcome home!!! hopefully you are recovered by now.:)

Cynth said...

Well that certainly puts a whole different spin on the "traveling with kids" we were talking about on Sunday...that makes it even crappier!
It was good to talk to you! You are a funny girl!