Sunday, January 04, 2009

Practically Perfect

Christmas Eve?
a little sketchy

But Christmas Day?

Christmas 2008

Our first Christmas (alone) in our first house.
Every minute of it.

Alex didn't sleep well Christmas Eve and ended up in our bed.  She woke up at 6:45 asking daddy to turn on a show for her.

Paul: But Alex, it's Christmas!  Don't you want to wake up Noah and open your presents?
Alex: NO! I want to watch a show!

She's such a joy in the mornings...

A few minutes later Noah came running in all smiles
"Merry Christmas!"
And then Noah and Alex were jumping up and down on the bed (on top of me and Paul) laughing, hugging, cheering.

As is tradition, we sent dad to the living room first, to check and see if santa had come.
And then the kids were bolting down the hall before I could even pull myself out of bed and grab the camera.

Alex loved everything she got.  She loved it all so much she never wanted to open the next present - she was too busy playing with the last thing.  (There were a few minor tantrums).  But mostly she was overflowing with her dramatic gasps, squeals, ooohs and aaahhs.

Noah was an absolute sweetheart.  He loved playing santa - making sure everyone had a gift to open, taking turns, showing interest in everyone's things, making sure they liked it.  And he was excited about everything he opened.  Lots of loud laughter and great facial expressions.

(I know this looks hideous - an industrial sized garbage bag with a red ribbon around it? But the thing was huge [sleeping beauty vanity from G&G Gunn] - it would have taken a roll of wrapping paper all on it's own.  And...well...I ran out of wrapping paper on Christmas Eve.  The kids thought the wrap job was awesome though.)

Noah and Alex had a lot of fun picking out presents for mommy and daddy this year too.  Noah couldn't wait to see our reactions.  And Alex...well she got a little confused about the "to" and "from" thing and wanted to open the gifts she got us herself.

By 8am the presents had all been opened.  So we sent daddy to the kitchen to make crepes - the batter had been lovingly prepared by me the night before, which Paul was pleasantly surprised to learn.  (It has to sit for an hour before you can make the crepes - I was so proud of myself for remembering!  I felt like my mom for a minute)

In the meantime, Alex was a (literal) blur of activity, enjoying all her new dress-ups (sent in the cutest little pink trunk from G&G Hunt)
While Noah enjoyed one of his favorite gifts, the ($2) National Geographic Sharks magazine
Breakfast was consumed with lots of powdered sugar, whipped cream, (a little bit of fruit) and of course...Martinelli's.  The kids were in heaven.

As good a picture I could get of her outfit: new turtleneck with pink butterflies and silver sparkles, crazy pink tutu with ribbons, pearl necklace, and little heels with pink foo-fooey feather stuff
(how's that for a description?)

After breakfast Noah and Paul chased each other around the house with these nerf-disc-shooting guns (wow, I'm on a roll).  I got caught in the crossfire at one point and started screaming as the things pelted me from all angles.  Alex started sobbing, "Don't shoot my mommy!"
But, for most of the day, she could be found here, at her Sleeping Beauty Vanity having the time of her life.
Noah didn't waste anytime and got to work on his art projects before he even got dressed for the day (hence the old paint shirt)l.
And these pop-bead things were a huge hit with both of the kids
(thanks for the tip B!)
And, oh yeah, that's Alex talking some family members ear off
Last but not least we opened the package from Uncle Tanner, serving a mission in Mexico City.
Noah loves his "Mexican jacket" and Alex loves her "Mexican dress-ups"

She'll grow into it...

And so we played away the morning and the afternoon.
And Paul and I did a little cooking: ham, potatoes, rhodes rolls.

At 3 our wonderful friends, the Allemans, joined us for some sledding in the yard and, of course, Christmas dinner (which also included caprese salad, cheeseball and crackers, izzes, and homemade strawberry ice cream for dessert).

Great food
Great company

We stuffed ourselves (over and over again) and talked the night away, while the kids laughed, played, and made huge messes with their new stuff (and all the wrappings).

It was perfect.
(Thanks Allemans, we love you guys!)

We went to bed that night with the house a mess and the kids happy and exhausted.  Paul and I felt much the same way - perhaps a little fuller though...

I will always remember Christmas 2008
practically perfect in every way


Dad said...

You're a great blogger, thanks for sharing...we love and miss you guys.

Ginger said...

I've been waiting for your Christmas post! Looks like you guys had a blast, but I still wish you had been here. Maybe next year :) I especially loved the video with the kids reviews of the Grinch. Hilarious- It made my day! Love ya!

Lori said...

I've been of not traveling at Christmas for awhile. It was even better this year, as kids make Christmas SOOO much fun!!
Your kids are adorable Summer! I can see Paul's poor tired residency eyes - this too shall pass - so I'm told! I LOVE LOVE reading your blog summer! Miss you

Lezli said...

Such a darling family and you are so generous to share with all of us . . . .love you!- Can't wait to see you all! XOOX

Sarah said...

It does sound perfect! All kids have some kind of breakdown on Christmas, I think it's just way too much excitement :) I am SO happy that Paul was able to be home and you could have Christmas on Christmas together. It really does sound perfect! You deserve a medal for everything you did, Summer! You are superwoman.