Thursday, January 14, 2010

Just Maybe

Alex has been sick
For three LOOONG days.
She's not the best patient. You know how some kids just want loves and snuggles when they're sick (like my other two)? Not this one. Mostly she just screams, cries, and yells at you.
You cannot do anything right.
She's major drama.

So, yesterday, we might have gone to Kwik Trip.
With her looking like this.
Nightgown that's about 3 sizes too big, black leggins underneath (cuz it's freezing), shoes with no socks (cuz she refused) and hair that hasn't been brushed for three days.

Maybe we got some looks.

And just maybe, the reason for the trip was
Diet Coke and Chocolate.

Like I said, three LOOONG days.

On a different note...
I love this picture of Avery.

I think she maybe looks like springtime
Or just maybe I wish it were springtime.

And Noah took this picture of me and Avery

And just maybe next time he'll drop the camera so I can get a new one.


Randy and Tiffany said...

I also love that picture of Avery!!!! SO cute! I cant believe how big she is getting! Alex is hilarious in her sick jammies. im sure all the stares were worth it for some chocolate and diet coke though...

Michele said...

that picture of her is so cute. it looks like she is laughing. and it would be worse if YOU were dressed like that at Qwik Trip, so I say you did pretty well!

Michele said...

by the way. im eating great harvest oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and hiding from my kids. im a great mom.

Carrie Anne said...

oh do i hear you sister! sometimes diet coke is the only thing to get you through...which is why i am back on! a mother's gotta do what a mother's gotta do.:)

montanawildflower said...

I wish I looked that cute after being sick for 3 days! There's nothing like a soda and chocolate to put it all back into perspective.

D-dawg said...

Hi SUmmer! Thanks for saying hi. Your family is super cute and I want to smooch on your baby. I love her little smile. I'm glad to see you guys are doing so well. Remember girls camp? Was I your "big sister"?? I always thought you and Tiffany were the cutest and it is fun to see you now too! That seems like forever ago!
aka d-dawg! (o:

Michele said...

yes, I got 2 new seats, but in my defense, Bostons was a cheap piece of crap-especially after using his new one. AND, my better argument is.... have you ridden in the car with my husband????? Most definitely our old car seat would be demolished in a crash. Is "ridden" a word?

Faye said...

love that you recorded the "sick day" period with Alex. I thought she was nice when you let her watch non-stop Princess movies and drink gallons of juice. What's up? I adore the picture of Avery - but she appears to be growing up a little too fast - how can she look older already from Christmas?

Sarah said...

I love this post. Love it. I'm thinking of making a run for diet coke and chocolate right now... Your kids are adorable.