Wednesday, January 06, 2010

You can thank me later

Ever heard
Joshua Radin?

If you answered "no" got to i-tunes and check him out.
Like right now.

Man, I love this guy
(referring solely to his music, of course)

Before I had the baby (you know, in my previous life with only 2 kids) Paul and I saw him in concert in St Paul.

Such a fun night. It was great to get out of little old Rochester (much as I love it) and into the cities. {Except for the part where Paul saw a guy with a gun walk right up to the other side of the glass window we were sitting at in the restaurant - and then saw 2 other guys come up behind and pull guns on the first guy. Then throw him into a van and drive off.
Turns out they were undercover cops. We did not witness a kidnapping.}

The theater district was pretty cool - we definitely need to go there more often.
The theater where the concert was held?
Well it was flat out gorgeous.

Not only was Joshua great in concert but so were his openers.
Check out
Amber Rubarth's "Edge of My Seat"
Gary Jules'
"Falling Awake"

The concert was months ago and I never got around to posting about it - probably because I had big plans for the post, like including links to all their music.
So not happening.
You're going to have to go to i-tunes all on your own.
But I promise you it will be well worth it.

A few of my faves...

You Got Growing Up to do
Only You
One of Those Days
I'd Rather Be With You
Brand New Day
Everything'll Be Alright
Sundrenched World
Lovely Tonight
We Are Okay
The Fear You Wont' Fall

Sorry did I say a few???



Michele said...

you are on a blogging roll and i can't keep up. here are my comments. Christmas post-made me SUPER freakin excited that we get to see you in february. Your Gourmet Dinner party-I am so jealous. I want my friends to be like your friends when they grow up. Grinch Post-I can't believe Alex would never do it for me. Joshua Radin post-I'm glad you gave me a few specific songs to look for for his opening acts, cuz I went to itunes and was too overwhelmed to listen to a bunch and find some i liked. ill check these out. I love me some Radin though. Scrubs plays his music a lot. And we love us some Scrubs.

Sarah said...

You are on a blogging roll! I'm impressed. I don't know if I've even done that many posts total since I had Blaine. Almost 8 months ago. You'd think I'd have things together by now... nope. I can't claim just having a baby anymore, now what can I blame it on?

That dinner party looks so fun! What a great tradition. I agree with Michele, I wish my friends were like yours, too :) And I love all the pictures with your family at Christmas. It looks perfect. And as always, Alex is so funny. Love that girl :)

Lori said...

I love, love, LOVE Joshua!! Ya we're on a first name basis. Glad you had such a lovely Christmas. When we got your Christmas card, Pete said "they have really cute kids." and thats a lot cause you know guys don't really think other people's kids are cute :)
You look beautiful and I LOVE your long locks! I've made a goal not to cut my hair at least until after fellowship. . .we'll see how it goes :) you're giving me inspiration.

Randy and Tiffany said...

love joshua radin. love that randy and I danced to his song Only YOu as our first dance at our wedding... :) good times, good music

collette crew said...

I'll thank you now- I've only listened to one song and this is my kind of music! hope you are great!