Thursday, January 21, 2010

Into Thin Air

A good book, but also a fitting description for Avery's favorite binky.
It. Is. Gone.
A disaster of epic proportions - oh, sorry am I talking about the book again?
Ok, maybe not as epic as the Mt Everest disaster the book recounts but nevertheless a disaster (of small proportions).
Because, you see, this binky cannot be replaced.
The one and only binky Avery has ever accepted is the one we got at the hospital. And I have held onto it for deal life for the past three months.
And suddenly, this afternoon...GONE.

I even sent the kids on "Mission Binky"
during which they used phrases like, "Our only hope is..."
But ultimately a failure.

So now...
Our only hope is...
that Avery will accept one of the following options




And although those Soothies look like the hospital binkys, and claim to be used by hospitals, they are not the same.
And Avery's no dummy.

Wish us luck.

Did I mention that Avery is sick?
which leads to bouts of fussiness, crying, and inconsolability?
and oh yes, Paul is on call.

Forget Luck - start Praying
(which, by the way, Noah already did. sweetest thing ever)


Randy and Tiffany said...

i will pray for you. our only hope is...that those prayers are answered ;) good luck on mission binky!

JoAnna said...

Ahh!!! That is not good. I will try to go into labor tonight so I can get you one. Do Alex and Noah want to come play? Nevermind that Sam is home sick from school... But, hey! If Avery's already sick, why not? Seriously, though, they are welcome here. I am so so so sorry that Avery is sick again! Poor girl is getting it all out of the way this first year and she'll be healthy as could be from year 2 on since she's already had it all!!

AndreƩ and Sons said...

My son also had the same issue with the Binky and I bought over 5 of these soothie Binkies trying to find one that was the same as the hospital one. Finally I had to network a little to find someone that worked at the hospital and could bring a couple home for me....Good luck. Babies are much smarter than we think.

Faye said...

WOW - that IS bad news. Actually I think you deserve huge congratulations that you managed to hang on to this one and only binky for three entire months. I had to always get my babies hooked on binkies that I could buy by the dozens. Never could keep track of them. Good luck!

Michele said...

well, being a binky nazi myself, I can't believe you managed to lose the only binky she takes. just kidding.
but only a little.
ok, i will start praying for you. And I want to point out that you too now have had a blog post about binkies so I'm not the only crazy. SEE how VALUABLE and IRREPLACEABLE they are! you need to find it, buy some more of them, or have Paul steal them from the hospital, and then do daily binky inventory like me. it's fool proof.
oh, and if Paul says he can't steal them from the hospital, tell him they did it on Scrubs, and he says that show is real... so... do it.

Sarah said...

Oh no!!! I'm hoping that it's turned up by now for you! I'm going to look and see if I still have Blaine's around, he didn't like that one very much. I will put it in the mail ASAP if I find it so you can have another one on hand. Hopefully I didn't get rid of it. I'll be praying for you too!

Lisa said...

I love Avery's 3 month picture, and the post that goes with it. It's so true that we put so many expectations on ourselves that may or may not be right. I especially do that like 2 weeks after I have one baby, I start thinking that I'll never be able to have another, even though I think I should. Not good! Good luck with the binky mission.

Carrie Anne said...

oh i am dying b/c if you wanted one from the hospital it would cost like $20! i'm glad you finally found it!!!:)