Tuesday, January 26, 2010

some stuff

Alex can "see her nose"
pretty much one of the funniest things I've seen lately.

Except for the other day, when Alex was yelling at me, scratching her crotch and picking her nose all at the same time.

Right now her frequent phrase is,
"I can't get the heck of this!"
when she can't get the hang of something.

Mixing up words is something she does a lot of these days. It leads to troublesome phrases like asking for "daddy's dirty picture book" when what she means is his gross picture book
(what Noah and Alex call his medical books)
or calling the character in the Madeline movie "Sugar Nipples" when her actual name is Sugar Dimples.

Alex is a handful.

Speaking of which...
Our pediatrician told me yesterday at the doctors office that Avery is "feisty."
I wanted to say, "Have you met my other children???"
Pretty sure we don't make any other kind. (Ahem, remember what I said about being done?)

Speaking of the doctors office, Avery has bronchiolitis.
She is a sickly baby. Can you be sickly and fat at the same time? Avery is. She's been sick more than half of her life.
It's been a bad winter for sickness in our household. Is it because we have a kindergartner? A kindergartner and a preschooler? Or just bad luck? Either way, poor Avery has gotten the brunt of it. Which, in turn, is hard on me.

Speaking of which...
I got a stomach bug last week. As I was laying in misery on my bathroom floor I was thinking about how completely unable to cope with nausea and vomiting I have become. I've survived three pregnancies and I've hit my limit. I cannot stand being sick to my stomach. Haven't I paid my dues?!?!?

some other stuff...
I'm pretty sure that getting to the gym several times a week and having a garage door opener that actually worked (the first time you pushed the button!) would significantly lower my stress level and drop my blood pressure about 20 points.

Paul recently pointed out my special talent of always having cold Diet Cokes ready to go in the fridge. Before the old case is empty the new case has been dutifully placed in the fridge - overnight, for ideal temperature. We might run out of milk to drink or clean clothes to wear but there will always be a cold Diet Coke waiting. And that makes everything better, right? It's all about priorities people.

Avery's hospital binky: found
And we now have 2 identical backups (thanks Sarah!)

Reading "War and Peace" just might take the next 6 months of my life.
At the rate I'm going.

And have you read the "Dumb Bunnies" books?
Not sure who loves'em more, my kids or Paul?
My favorite is watching Paul try to read them to the kids. Paul is laughing so hard at the book he can't hardly read, the kids are laughing at the book and their dad, and I'm laughing at all of it together.

mostly, life is good.


Michele said...

i share the same knack for always having cold diet coke. always overnight for ideal temperature. there are few things more disappointing in the world than warm diet coke. john always notices when my supply is running low and the pantry back up is empty, that it means im finally going to the store even though we have been out of bread and milk for days. priorities. and poor avery is a sickly baby. and poor alex... shes just outta control

Sarah said...

Those pictures of Alex are so funny. I about fell of my chair laughing. WHY did I not know about your stomach flu?

Randy and Tiffany said...

its funny to me that all the words alex mixes up always seem to make her phrases sound so dirty...hopefully she doesnt mention anything to the bishop about her dads "dirty picture books" ;)
And it must be a Hunt thing, because I too never fail to have diet cherry pepsi COLD in the fridge. Never run out. There are 3 cases in my pantry right now and one case nice and cold in the fridge. As soon as the case in the fridge gets down to 2 or 3, you can bet I immediately put in a new case so that by the time I drink those last 2 or 3, the new case has had plenty of time to get nice and cold ;)

Tracey said...

I'm glad you found that binky! Before I had kids my sister-in-law dropped her newborns binky and it rolled under a dirty, spidery, wooden porch on a boat dock... "lost for good" I said... my other sister-in-law who had four kids was instantly down on her hands and knees digging it out. "crazy" I thought... now that I have kids I understand!

Three is a magical number.... I like that it's the new 5, that makes so much sense! :)

Lori said...

Oh man I just laughed so hard at sugar nipples. . .too funny!!! thank you for that! You really have paid your sickly dues, I'm so sorry. I really think there is nothing worse than being sick as a mother - unless your kids are sick too. ugh! Hang in there spring is just like 5 months away. . .sorry.

John said...

Cant wait to see Alex perform her new trick in person.....I love her "obsseddly"

Faye said...

Wow - besides laughing out loud at Alex - I am wondering what it means for you that Avery is feisty. She always seems so mild and calm to me - but maybe she will follow in her sisters shoes. Can't wait to see about that - but maybe you can.

Sarah said...

I love Alex, she is so funny! I can't wait to hear about who she shares the secret that her daddy has dirty picture books with! Oh my goodness, she is hilarious. And so are you. Did you really think you'd get away with not having children with big personalities??? :) How did I ever think that my own children might not talk my ear off... seriously, I don't think my girls stop talking from the moment they get up in the morning... but look at the genes they're working with! :)

There is ALWAYS cold diet coke in my fridge, too. It is all about priorities, I'm glad to see yours are also in the right place.

Love you!

Carrie Anne said...

I.am.dying.over.this.post. LOVE. Most days I think I can give up Diet Dew & Coke Zero but lately I am too overwhelmed with child #3...he is driving me to madness/insanity. I'm pretty much on the verge of mental breakdown by noon. Is that so bad? I seriously do not know if I can do one more kid. Maybe when he's in kindergarten? Or maybe if I'm promised an easier kid? Not likely. Anyway, sorry about Avery having bronchiolitis..Chumby had that, too, & it makes you so sad when they cannot breathe & have to do those breathing treatments! Ugh! I agree...most likely b/c the other 2 are in 2 different schools with germ fest of America going on! Oh yeah. Alex is HILARIOUS! What a crack up! And if it makes you feel better...I gave some Tylenol to Chumby for his teeth tonight & I am pretty sure it's made him hyper b/c right now he is singing at the top of his lungs keeping the entire house up. I swear I might die ugly by 35 years old! Anyway, hope everyone gets better so soon! Man I miss you!

gregandlaura said...

I'm so sorry about all the sickness! that is the worst!! I hope you all feel better soon, wish I was there to help! It sucks being a single mom during those times!!!

robyne said...

Ha,ha, ha, this is hilarious! Did you ever realize what a funny personality you had when you were a little girl? I just love that Alex says funny stuff like you did! I relate to the COLD DC too! And the binky story happened to me too, Shane went out one night and came home with 30 different binkys to try, but she wouldn't take one of them! Good thing we found it under the couch the next day!

Lexie said...

Oh my word, Alex cracks me up! I love that she wants to see Paul's "dirty picture books" what a funny gal, plus she can see her nose, pretty impressive. I'm so sorry that you and Avery have been sick, how are you surviving?

Melissa said...

The girls like that book, Steve too. Maybe Paul and Steve can get together and read it to each other.

Sugar Nipples... isn't that Avery's nickname for you?