Friday, April 02, 2010

Avery (otherwise knows as Avery B'Davery, Avery Baby, Sweetie Girl, Av)

And to Alex she's Avro.

My baby girl is 5 months old.
Well, more like 5 1/2 months now
But here she is on her 5 month birthday.
This was my attempt to get a picture of her on her tummy, holding that big head up.
She looks so cute like that - problem is she wont stay like that.

Avery has hated tummy time from the day she was born - and has pretty much refused to do it at all. As in the second you lay her on her tummy she starts SCREAMING.
And so I cave.
Because of her refusal of any and all tummy time she was a little late at learning to roll.
And now that she can roll...tummy time is even more impossible.
You lay her on her tummy and in 0.3 seconds she's flipped to her back.
She's a stubborn girl.
While trying to take the picture above I was laying across the floor from her, camera in hand and ready to go - I got her on her tummy and smiling and held her there until I was in position - and in the time it took me to get my arm out of the shot, Avery had begun her roll. Believe it or not, that's the best one I got.

The kids get excited every month on Avery's "birthday" so they needed a picture with her too.

And now my sweet baby is fast approaching 6 months.
How did this happen???
One minute she was a newborn and now she's BIG.
I swear it happened overnight.

I have loved every stage with Avery - with my others too, but I think I'm appreciating it more my third and last time around - but 6-9 months just might be my most favorite baby stage.
So right about now I'm really wishing I could s-l-o-w things down a bit.

Which is maybe why I waited so long to start giving her solids?
Last night I gave up the fight.
(She's been grabbing at our food for a good month now, I was starting to feel guilty.)
And...she loved her rice cereal.
Couldn't get it in there fast enough, really.
She was grabbing for the spoon (and the bowl) trying to feed herself.

Yep, she was ready.
And now my baby is a big girl.

And I kind of want to laugh and kind of want to cry.


John said...

Cute pic of the three of them together, looks like Noah is a more willing participant these days. We love and miss you guys.

JoAnna said...

SO CUTE! I wish time would freeze too.

Carolyn Hanson said...

so cute! And I just looked at your norcal post-amazing! How could you not want to move there someday? :)

Randy and Tiffany said...

My favorite nickname is Avro :)
Cannot believe she is such a big girl already and eating solids! Madden hated rice cereal for months when he first tried it.
Miss you guys!!!! Is it summertime yet so we can plan a trip to see each other??

gregandlaura said...

I totally agree! 6-9 months is the best! I can't wait and hope it all go slow!!! How does time fly so fast???

Emi said...

Avery and the rest of your kiddos are soooo darling!

Faye said...

I LOVE the picture of all 3 of your cuties together - priceless. All day today I just kept thinking about when you were all little and dressed in Easter outfits and hunting for eggs - I miss those days :)

Aubrie said...

She can't be 5 months already!!