Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter Sunday

Paul worked all of Easter weekend.
But we managed to stay pretty busy .
(like that's hard for us.)

Saturday morning we decorated eggs. And while juggling the baby and the egg dye and attempting to keep my 2 crazies from spilling glitter and glue all over the place I tried to listen to the morning session of conference.
(Not the session I got the most out of)

But the kids had a blast.
And I think they are funny.

Saturday afternoon we headed to the park, but only lasted about 30 minutes.
Too windy and cold.
At home I tried to catch some of the second session of conference.

Easter morning Noah came tearing into my room a little after 7am, jumped on me and Alex (who had been in my bed since sometime around 1am, as usual) and yelled "HAPPY EASTER!" At full volume.
Somehow Avery slept through that. And the crazy indoor Easter Egg Hunt that ensued.
(My kids aren't going to know what to do with themselves if we ever move to a place where you can actually have easter egg hunts outside.)

The kids got bubbles from mom and dad
(multiple wands and a no-spill bucket, genius)
and opened presents from their Grandma.

Alex saw the new clothes and was begging to go get dressed

Noah was pretty excited about his Ocean Bingo too.

Thank you to BOTH grandmas for the easter packages - the kids were so excited!

Once it warmed up a little we were outside, soaking up sun and bubbles.

Not sure which is more awesome
Alex's hair?
Or Noah's outfit?
(he insisted on wearing those pj's the entire day)

We pulled our Vitamin D deficient Avery out to the deck in her saucer - she liked the sunhat 'cept when it would flop into her face and cover her eyes...

And I spent a good portion of the day in the kitchen.
This year I didn't care if Paul was working, I was going to eat some good food.
Ham, my famous Pecan Yams, rolls, and pie.
I'm awesome.
Ham and glaze packet, Target
rolls, Rhodes
pie, Marie Callendar's
Pecan Yams, from scratch and so delicious from my "Favorites" cookbook
Too bad my kids didn't eat any of it.
Although Paul appreciated it when he got home at 7:30pm.
And now we are left with WAY too much food - I knew that would happen.
But I wasn't brave enough to host another family for Easter dinner with Paul gone.
I'm not that awesome.
Good thing my friend had her baby on Easter!
Hope they like Ham, Yams, and Rolls...

Miraculously, amid all of this I was able watch all of General Conference.
And what a conference it was. Loved it.
I even got my kids in there for some of it. They were sitting at the kitchen table coloring while I watched on the computer, but they knew they had to come in and listen to the prophet's talk. Every time there was a new speaker Noah would walk in, glance at the screen and say, "Nope, not Thomas S. Monson."
And was that my child who, when it was Thomas S. Monson, said sweetly to his sister, "Come on Alex, it's the prophet" and sat down on the couch???
Yes it was - that became clear a few moments later when he started goofing off on the couch and had to be separated from his sister.
Well. We did have a nice conversation about the General Primary President's talk.

We truly had a beautiful Easter Sunday.
And I am so very grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ, for a living prophet, and for eternal families.


mandy* said...

It looks like you guys had a blast! Where did you get the no-spill bubbles bucket??????? I need that!

[BrookeO] said...

Love this.
Happy Easter!

Faye said...

Thanks for the post Summer - Alex looks as cute as I imagined in her new outfit and it seems everyone was happy - I'm glad - except I missed having kids on a holiday - so ENJOY these happy times :)

Randy and Tiffany said...

alex's hair and noah's pjs both tie for awesomeness.
looks like you guys had a great easter!
my mouth is watering just thinking about/reading about/looking at pictures of those delicious yams...I am now kicking myself for not making any for us on Easter. wanna bring your leftovers over to me? Its only like a 5 hour drive... ;)

Sarah said...

Your Easter looks wonderful. Avery could not be cuter in her big floppy hat.

Lexie said...

What a great Easter and what an amazing mom. I love the dinner you made and I love that Noah wore his PJ's all day. Give them all hugs from us!

Elise said...

Chris worked the whole weekend too. LOVELY. Actually, conference+easter= a very lovely weekend : D

Lezli said...

Oh I can't wait to squeeze these kids. . .as always you're doing a great job! They're the picture of happiness:)

Melissa said...

That's all I can ask for with me children and confrence too.

Love the menu commentary! That ham looks divine.

Carrie Anne said...

what a fun easter! so cool. i love their outfits...i feel so at home...especially now that brother insists on wearing his sweatpants ALL the time.
that dinner looks so yummy! way to go!!! can't wait for more posts from you...i hope you get more warm weather soon, too!