Friday, November 09, 2007

Day Two

Remember what I said about Paul and pictures? Just keep that in mind as you look at these. Also keep in mind that I live in the city with the most grey days in the whole freaking country (I'm not joking). I can't help it that I'm pasty white!
Anyways...Day two we headed down to South Beach. We shopped around for the kids, ate a delicious lunch which included sipping on yummy virgin Pina Coladas, and went swimming at a gorgeous beach. The weather was perfect. If anything, it was a little too hot and sunny. The thing about South Beach is that, on the beach at least, clothing is "optional" We scouted it out though, and it looked safe. However, after our swim we went for a stroll along the beach. Not so safe - but pretty funny : )

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montanawildflower said...

You look so cute! I just love the beach! I'm glad you and Paul got to go and spend some time together. But, I'm really glad you're back!