Saturday, November 10, 2007

Paul's purchase

Paul and Noah went to Costco yesterday and they came home with a new cd...spanish guitar music. Paul said he just couldn't resist. Noah asks for it everytime we get in the van now. He calls it the "magic guitar music." So funny


Carrie Anne said...

Oh I'm jealous of your trip! It looks like you had a blast, and that is so fun you got to go with the Weight's! They are super cool! I'm glad you got to deserve it. What a nice present for you since you're trooping it through Med TOTALLY deserve every vacation that comes your way! I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of the pictures and stories. Enjoy real life now that you are back.:)At least you have the holidays to look forward to!:)

Carrie Anne said...

PS-I love that Paul got that CD...that is so hilarious with Noah! Rebecca is totally into that Fergie song and the Dahlilah song by the Plain White Ts. Somebody has to keep them "worldly" and ease up on the classical music.:)

Sarah said...

Summer! Holy cow I love all of your posts! Your trip looks amazing and I can't believe how good you look! a bikini after 2 babies? How on earth do you do it?! You look SO good! I'm so glad that you guys had such a great time! And I was totally freaked the whole time Christian and I went snorkeling on our honeymoon, I am a total wuss.

Halloween looks so cute! I love Alex and Noah's costumes and I think that Noah has trick-or-treating down. Isn't the whole point to just get more candy? :) So fun that your mom was there to go with you too!

Okay, and I love little kids in super puffy winter gear. I think it's so cute. And I love that Alex says she's a super hero. And I have so much more I could say, but I won't because I have a long comment problem :) I'm glad that you're back!