Friday, November 09, 2007

The finished product

Paul is not going to be happy that I posted that picture of him, but here's the story behind it: Noah wanted to carve a "vewy scewy jack-o-lantern!" He chose the spider pattern. By the time we put it out on the porch it was dark and Noah was scared. So he refused to take a picture with Paul next to the pumpkin. Paul posed for this picture alone (thinking no one would ever see it) just to show Noah that there was nothing to be afraid of. But Noah, being the "mommas boy" that he is insisted he would only take the picture if he could sit on mommy's lap. Paul was not happy, considering he did all the work (I hate pumpkin guts). I guess Noah's "weally, weally, scewy Jack-o-lantern" was a little too much for the kid : ) I love you Paul, what a great daddy!!!

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Randy and Tiffany said...

LOL, that picture of Paul is hilarious! I love it!