Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Did you do it?

I did it.
Noah did too.
He voted for snack at preschool (and a few other things...)
His vote won.
Hope mine does too.

Noah was excited to come with me to the "grown-up vote" today.
I got to show him how we do it - and he told me about how they did it at preschool.
Not too different.

Added bonus for voting today?
Free cookie at Great Harvest.
There's some motivation for you : )

Noah kept asking me, in our little voting cubicle who I was voting for (even though he already knew the answer).  I told him we'd talk about it after we left.  For some reason I felt strange saying it there, surrounded by other voters in their cubicles.  Not because I don't want anyone to know - I'm open about it.  But it seemed inappropriate.  So is there some kind of "voting etiquette?"  Just wondering...


sara said...

You know, I remember asking my parents who they voted for when I was in elementary school. My dad told me who he voted for and my mom told me it was none of my business. She wouldn't tell me. She said her vote was personal. I gathered that my parents probably had different political opinions after that conversation.

She never did tell me who she voted for. Funny huh!

Randy and Tiffany said...

Ha ha thats funny. Cuz Randy and I just had this same conversation. We were voting in cubicles right next to each other and I kept having questions about certain propositions that I didn't know about and I kept wanting to ask him if I should vote yes or no but I was scared we were gonna get in trouble and some mean person there would yell at me and take my ballot and rip it up :) Luckily they didn't. :)

Michele and John said...

your vote is only confidential if you voted for obama, then you should definitely keep that to yourself.

ha ha, just kidding. im hilarious.

Sarah said...

You guys have a Great Harvest out there? I'm totally jealous, especially of the free cookie! I love Michele's comment, that's the only reason I'd keep it a secret as well! ;)

montanawildflower said...

Yeah, our vote mattered!!! Change is coming! And I bet Emily Post has something about voting etiquette. She knows everything.