Friday, November 07, 2008

Do Over

Delete.  Rewind.  Start again.  Back to Start.  Erase.  Try again.

Have you ever had one of those days?  You know, where you wish you could start over?  Pretend it never happened?  

That was this morning for me.  

I'm tempted to put us all back in bed and...try again.

I'll probably have to settle for simply trying harder.


Anna said...

hmmm... doesn't sound too fun. I definitely have those days too. I hope your day today goes better. We miss you guys! I love the story about Noah counting Obama's "points."

Sarah said...

Oh yes you are not alone in those days! I've never been able to convince my kids to actually go back in bed to start over. Tomorrow is almost always a way better day, though. Hang in there! :)

Lexie said...

I have a LOT of those days. I don't know about you, I could always go for the back to bed thing, but my kids think it's the worst punishment ever. Sometimes I think it would help though, if it would be worth the fight to try it.