Monday, November 10, 2008

The First and The Second

The First...
Snow of the year!

Noah woke me up in the morning, whispering in my ear that he had something really cool he wanted to show me.  I'm thinking he's built me another lego tower and mumbled something about getting up soon.  (I know, I'm an AWESOME mom in the early morning hours, totally my best time of day).  When I did finally roll out of bed I walked into the kitchen to find Noah, not watching cartoons as usual, but sitting on top of his little picnic table that he'd pushed right up against the sliding glass door - sitting there, chin in his hands, gazing out at our yard covered in white.  Without even glancing my direction he said softly, "It's so beautiful."
Shoulda taken a picture of that.  Sweetest thing ever.

The kids were beyond excited about the snow, but by the time Noah got home from preschool this was about all that was left.  It didn't stop them from gearing up and having some fun.  And those boots that Noah's wearing?  Yeah, last years - 3 sizes too small now.
And poor Alex still has no hat or mittens.
It's all on the list...

A few days later

The Second...
Primary Program for Noah!

I actually remembered to take his picture this year too.  Alex is in all of them because, well, she just looked too dang cute not to be.

Love all the hand-holding, arms around each other poses.  As you've heard me say before, seeing my kids this way with each other tops my mommy list of favorite moments.

So, Alex's jacket - you want one just like it don't you?  I do!  We have Grandma to thank for that!  Not only is it a beautiful coat but it was a real lifesaver this past sunday.  You see, Alex has a thing about being "fancy".  She can always be found in her (or someone else's) princess dresses.  So, in Alex's opinion, her church dresses are NOT FANCY.  And it's a tantrum every week.  This past Sunday, Paul was working and I'm trying to get us out the door on time and Alex is tearing her clothes off and having a complete meltdown, sobbing and screaming on the floor, "IT'S NOT FANCY IT'S NOT FANCY IT'S NOT FANCY!!!"  And then I remembered...the coat!  It hasn't been cold enough for Alex to wear it until now.  I ran to the closet, showed Alex her new "fancy coat" and she was instantly all smiles.  I couldn't get her to take the thing off for the rest of the day!

As for Noah and the primary program - he did awesome.  I'm always a little surprised that he's not nervous or shy.  He marches right up there with a smile.  He said his part perfectly, he's had it memorized.  In fact, he was a little upset that it was only one line!  This year he knew a lot more of the songs but every time they got to the second verse he looked confused, it was hilarious.  He did a couple of songs with sign language, also very funny too watch.  And he beamed his sweet little face at me while singing "I Am A Child of God".  I love the primary program!

And I love my sweet kiddos!


JoAnna said...

Okay. Seriously. Your kids are just too dang cute!! Every word of that story was pure cuteness! Even Alex screaming for FANCY church clothes= adorable.
And that coat? TO DIE FOR!!

Randy and Tiffany said...

So cute! I wish I was there to see Noah in the primary program! And Alex looks adorable in her "fancy" did I know as soon as I saw it that Grandma had bought it for her? It looks like Mom's kinda coat :)

Michele and John said...

i think acutally you should thank me for alexs coat, cuz i was with mom when she bought it and i told her alex HAD to have it. so you are welcome. even though i didn't pay for it. : ) she looks adorable in her fancy coat and i love that she says fancy.

Lezli said...

My gosh. . . these pictures are killers! Such adorable kids and Alex looks so darling in her fancy coat!! Wish so bad we could have been there. . .miss you and love you!

Sarah said...

Oh I miss the first snow!!! It is so fun and magical, I totally miss the snow. But as of January I will not miss it and will no longer be jealous :) But until then I totally am! And I love Alex's fancy coat, it is so cute and I love that she loves fancy things. Too cute.