Saturday, November 29, 2008

It was good

Yesterday, on Noah's actual birthday, we had his "family party."  You see he's got it all categorized.  Noah keeps reminding everyone that he has "4 special days"
one at church (when they sang to him last week and he got a birthday treat from the Bishop) 
his Ocean Party with his friends 
his family party
and his special day at preschool (which is Monday).
And so the party continues...

But Yesterday.
Yesterday, part of my present to him was that I would spend the day, THE WHOLE DAY, playing with him, paying attention to him, and pretty much doing whatever he wanted.
(i.e. no cleaning, blogging, reading, long social calls, errands, appts, etc.)
It was really nice for both of us.  We didn't go anywhere, just hung out at home.  We didn't even watch tv (except once, when we watched the animated version of the Nativity).
One thing Noah was really excited about was getting out all of the Christmas decorations.  So that's how we spent the entire morning.  Yes it really did take all morning.  Because first I let the kids do it all themselves.  Then I made them gather everything up and let mommy help.  They rolled with it.  (Really though, would you want a stuffed snowman sitting on top of your trash can?  Or tree ornaments hung from the nobs of each and every (bottom) kitchen cabinet?  Or stockings hanging from light switches?  Or how about a box of Christmas cards propped up on your coffee table?)

The kids wanted to pose with some of their favorite Christmas decorations

Noah is holding a tree ornament with Humpty Dumpty on it (nursery rhyme included)
while Alex giggles at the puppy who's santa hat has become detached
I admit we are lacking in the Christmas decorations department.  This year especially, I noticed how...ummmm...small everything is.  That's just how it goes when you've lived in cramped apartments your entire married life : )

But Yesterday.
We decorated
We listened to Christmas music
We sang and danced
We read books
We baked and decorated a cake
We watched The Nativity
We ate some of Noah's favorite foods (waffles for breakfast, quesadillas for lunch)
And we tried not to watch the clock too much
Noah was DYING to open his presents.  Which, of course, I told him he couldn't do until Daddy got home that night.  When Paul got home about 5:30 (hurray!  and that was a close call.  somewhere out there there is a resident to whom I will always be grateful) Noah immediately gathered us around the presents.
Sorry the picture is blurry but he couldn't stop moving he was so excited!  
Noah loved all of his gifts (thanks again Grandmas and Grandpas)!
But we were starving so we headed off to Wendy's
His choice.
When I asked him earlier this week what he wanted for his birthday dinner he rattle off in 1.3 seconds "chickennuggetsfriesandsprite!"
It was nice actually, being the day after Thanksgiving and all.
Back at home we sang to Noah, he blew out the candles in one shot, and he and Alex dug into the cake.
Don't even ask about the cake.  Seriously, whole'nother story.  But yes, go ahead and laugh (I did).  If there's one thing I'm confident about in the kitchen it's dessert.  So this was totally not my fault.
After cake we had some fun with Noah's new stuff
(puzzles, bowling game, books, art project)

It was a Happy Birthday

As you can see.


Mike & Lyndsi said...

Cute! You are such a cute Mom, Summer! I love those baby pictures that are hanging on the wall. And now that you mentioned have to share the cake story :)

Lori said...

Summer you are a great mom - and blogger. I get such a kick out of your posts! They are so funny and your kids are too cute. Pete and I were just saying it'll be fun when we actually understand Samuel.

Randy and Tiffany said...

That cake looks awesome.

[BrookeO] said...

Ok I am still so in love with N and A's room

Faye said...

Sounds like fun - one of these days I'd like to be there for the "family party"

Lezli said...

What a lucky little boy. . a fairytale childhood if you ask me! You and Paul are amazing. . .love you!

Lexie said...

Happy Birthday Noah! I hope the girls' pictures made it in time. It looks like such a great day, and what a great idea to play together all day!