Saturday, November 29, 2008

I overheard today

Situation:  Noah chasing Alex with his stuffed shark and pretending to attack

Alex - Noah!  Your shark is biting me!!!! (at the top of her lungs)
Noah - (with a shrug of his shoulders) Well Alex, he hasn't been trained yet.
Alex - (incoherent SCREAMING)
Noah - (sighs) Ok I'll take him to shark training.
Alex - Yeah, and train him not to bite me Noah.

Situation:  Noah helping Alex "read" from the Book of Mormon 
(she repeated everything he said so when you see the ... just imagine it again in Alex's voice)

Noah - And it came to pass...that they pitched their tents...and roasted marshmallows and hot dogs.  And they went forth...and drove a minivan

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Randy and Tiffany said...

LOL! Sounds like you need to read the scriptures with your kids a little more...
ha ha, jk! These conversations are hilarious!