Thursday, November 13, 2008

Snow not required

Yesterday we woke up to snow again - just a dusting, but snow nonetheless.
Which meant that from 7am on Noah was begging me to take him sledding.
But considering how long it takes to get all of us in snow gear - not to mention that we struggle everyday to get to preschool on time - I made him wait.
So we took Noah to preschool
Took Alex to "kid-care" at the gym
Took myself to the treadmill

45 minutes later...

I picked up Alex from "kid-care"
and picked up Noah from preschool
and the begging started again.

But all we had time for was a quick lunch.
Then it was off to a VT appointment.

We got home
and the begging started again.
But now it's after 2pm and I'm still in my gym clothes and 
Alex is begging for a "princess movie" and I'm begging for a shower.

So I made Noah wait again
But I PROMISED I would take him - that day - no matter what

One hour later...

we were sledding

in the mud/slush/ice.

Pretty sure there wasn't any snow left at all - but I'd promised

I warned Noah it might not work too well
His reponse?
"I promise I won't cry if I go slow mom"
It's a deal then
This was the look on Noah's face the entire time
And for a while he was going pretty fast...
but after about 30 minutes we'd melted all the slush

Alex enjoyed herself too, sledding down all by herself
Noah taught her how and would position the sled for her and send her down.
But, as you can see, Alex still has no snow clothes
She was wet and muddy after a few runs and ready to head inside.

Luckily daddy had just got home
Post-call, but home

So Noah and I stuck it out a little longer

Noah was hilarious, he was so happy and excited.
It was so much fun!

And our yard is perfect for sledding
Now we just need some snow to stick

Don't worry, Noah prays for this every night


Sarah said...

So fun that you guys can go sledding - in your yard!!! That is awesome. I am totally jealous of all of the snow (or kind of snow;) fun. I totally love winter! Especially the hot chocolate you just have to have when you come in from playing in the snow :) You are a very cute mom, Summer! My children would probably still be asking me to take them out...

JoAnna said...

i second that--- You are a VERY cute mom!!

Michele and John said...

what a good mommy. that is funny that he promised he wouldn't cry if he went slow. you didnt even mention in the post that you did all that while you are sick. you amaze me.

Telitha said...

I love how you went sledding in an inch of snow... how nice to go in your yard! I'm sure Noah will get plenty of the snow he's praying for!

I love Alex's "fancy" coat... so cute:)

Carrie Anne said...

oh look at you be a super duper mom who does anything for the kiddos! we're with snow clothes yet either! i gotta get on that! i love the stories from the other posts...what sweet kids! they are so funny & i love that alex wants to be fancy...i'm sure you have the fancy nancy books? darling children! i miss you & book club this time of year!

Shellie said...

Such a good mom to stick to your promise!

Lori said...

That made me laugh - Pete too I read it aloud to him, it was too great to pass up!
You're a great mom Summer!

Randy and Tiffany said...

That's fun that you guys now have the perfect back yard for sledding! Just wait til the snow sticks...then Noah will be begging you to take him every single day... :)