Monday, October 08, 2007

Columbus Day Parade

I took the kids to a parade in Little Italy today (once again without my camera). We were running late and I had a really hard time finding parking...luckily I had some cash in my wallet so we parked in the visitor parking garage at Rainbow Babies Hospital : ) We still had an uphill trek in the almost 90 degree weather and I was pushing 2 kids in a double stroller. We made it just in time but it was hot and crowded and I was starting to wonder if it had been a bad idea to even come. But Noah knew just what to do. He sat on the curb and, with a very stoic expression, started waving at everyone passing in the parade...and they started throwing candy at him. He would yell "Thank You!" and jump up to collect it from the street. He had quite the pile. I think the heat, noise, and crowd were all a little much for Alex - she just wanted to sit in my lap and eat candy. Here's their stash (and their sticky faces). Noah said to me "Mom, it's just like Halloween!"

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