Friday, October 12, 2007

No heat until November 1st

That's what Paul says every year...and every year I turn the heat on in October : ) I was thinking, what with the warm weather we'd been having up until this week, that we might actually meet that goal this year, our last winter in Cleveland. But it seems to have gone from blazing hot to freezing cold in a matter of days. It's currently 49 degrees outside (and not much warmer inside). For today at least, the heat will stay off...but I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to hold out. Sorry honey, but I think we need to set a more realistic goal for ourselves : )

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tracey said...

It's your last winter in Cleveland, but who's counting right? :) We certainly do miss a lot about Cleveland but I can definately say that the weather isn't one of those things! It looks like you are doing great, Noah cracks me up with his ideas and personality. It's great we have these boys to keep us company and to keep us laughing!! I wish I could be there to here Alex talk, she sounds adorable!! I've got to get in on this Twilight reading, it's sounds awesome! But first I need to read "Baby Wise" to figure out what to do with my baby who won't stay asleep!! (Yawn...) Three kids is great, but don't rush it! :)