Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Sparkling, but not clean

That is a perfect description of my house right now. It was my turn to teach preschool today and 2 of my activities/crafts involved glitter. When the other moms showed up to get their kids they all praised me for being brave enough to use glitter. Trust me, it wasn't bravery it was stupidity. See, the thing is, I have little to no experience with crafts. Why? Let's just say I'm not a crafty kind of girl. So, it didn't even occur to me what a mess glitter makes or how hard it is to clean up or how it sticks to everything it touches and spreads throughout the house...you get the idea. The funny thing is I don't really care. I used to be such a neat freak (borderline OCD really) but the past 4 years of raising kids has really put my tolerance level through the roof. You'd be amazed what I can live with : )

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Sarah said...

Hahahaha, I SO understand!! Remember our dorm room freshman year? haha, oh wouldn't I love if my husband and children were as clean as you! I just can't keep up with them and I am also amazed at what I can put up with now. Although, I've noticed I am just way grouchier when things are messy, I can't help it, that OCD is still there on some level ;) And I love that you have such a sparkly house, haha, I'm not so crafty myself, that is SO funny!