Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Swimming Accident

Yesterday Noah came running out with his swim trunks on (backwards) and his swim shirt on (inside out). He said, "I'm going swimming mom! Would you like to join me!?!" He then proceeded to jump all over the couch, with movements that looked more like drowning than swimming. Before bed he was showing daddy how he "swims" and he bounced off the couch and landed face first on the wood floor. I picked him up and of course, because this is Noah we're talking about, his face was covered in blood. Luckily it was just a bloody nose and a really fat lip. But the story doesn't end there...In the middle of the night Noah came and got in our bed. About an hour later he woke up crying with another bloody nose...It was all over our white sheets and pillows. Bloody noses are always pretty tramautic for Noah - he won't let me plug his nose because he feels like he can't breathe. So, him being half-asleep only made things worse. He was thrashing around, screaming and crying and covering the carpet, himself, and Paul and me with blood. We eventually calmed him down and got the bleeding to stop. I put him to bed in his own room and went to asses the damage to our bed. It being 3am we simply pulled off the top fitted sheet (we have to have 2 fitted sheets on our bed, they're so crappy you can see right through to the mattress) and snuggled up together on the opposite side of the bed. Thank goodness for king size beds!
I've lost count now of how many times Noah has split his head, mouth, face, and nose open in the past year (but I know I can no longer count it on one hand). I guess boys will be boys...Paul has decided that Noah just "isn't very good at falling."
P.S. This picture is pre-face plant

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Carissa said...

Poor Noah! I'm glad you didn't post a post face plant picture. Blood makes me nauseous. I think it's a good thing I haven't had to deal with bloody noses or anything yet. You're brave!