Saturday, October 06, 2007

Quotes from the kids


Today Noah handed me a big blob of every color of play-doh we own all mixed together and said, "Mommy I made a craft for you! It's very interesting."

Every time I help Noah with something these days he responds with, "Thanks mom, I really appreciate it!"

Noah was sad last night that his daddy was on call and wouldn't be coming home until the next day. I was explaining that doctors have to stay at the hospital overnight sometimes to take care of the sick people. Noah then asked, "And daddys are doctors?"

I taught the preschool kids about the 5 Senses on thursday. That night we had french toast for dinner (I know, I'm a gourmet chef). Noah was putting powdered sugar on his tongue and said, "Look Dad, I'm using my 5 senses to taste sugar!" At least I know the lessons are sinking in...sort of : )

I took the kids to the library the other night (Paul has had to work almost every night this week) and the kids were so good - especially Noah. He was so funny, cheerful, polite, and especially sweet and patient with Alex. I kept praising him and when we left I said, "Noah thanks for being so good tonight, I had so much fun with you!" Noah gave me a big smile and said, "It wasn't a naughty day mommy!" Maybe I should just start asking him first thing in the morning if today is going to be a naughty day or a nice least that way I'd be prepared!


After dinner last night I let the kids have a treat, the Mike & Ikes their grandma sent them. Alex was sitting in her high chair and pretty soon I hear, "Dis is yuty - hea mom!" (translation: this is yucky - here mom) She had sucked all the coating off the Mike & Ike and didn't like the chewy center. She did this with every single piece: Sucked on it, chewed the center into a gummy sticky wad, then held it out to me repeating her new phrase "This is yucky - here mom!" She couldn't just leave them on her tray...I had to come and get each used up piece of candy or she would just keep repeating herself over and over and over again! It was pretty funny - she still surprises me sometimes with how much she can say

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