Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday Morning

It's 11am and we're all in our pjs. The past 2 weeks have been pretty hectic, Paul has hardly been home at all and we just needed to have a lazy, relaxing day. Ok, I did...but I think the kids like it too sometimes. No rushing around...nowhere we need to be. Sometimes a little less structure is good. So what have we been doing? Well, while the kids watched their morning cartoons I snuggled back under the covers with my book. I love snuggling under the covers on a cold morning. Noah helped himself to breakfast (a cold flour tortilla from the fridge). I finally fed Alex at about 10am. The kids and I made some hot chocolate together, which I'm so excited about. Hot chocolate is my morning ritual all winter long...mmmmm, I love it! Now, as I sit and blog I'm realizing that the kids have gotten out every toy we own. I have a stack of dishes waiting for me in the kitchen sink, a grocery list to make, and we need to go jogging. But right now, I'm going to sit on the floor with my kids and race some mathbox cars : ) The other stuff can wait...

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